Sheets, Glorious Sheets and Glorious Lancashire HotPot

Morning – just.  I hope you’re enjoying coffee/tea in the garden with the odd HobNob or Chocolate Digestive!

Jill Goddard rang.  She is very well and getting out in the garden, going out for a walk and socially distancing coffee on her front path with other neighbours.  It’s a quiet road, so they yell across to each other without any traffic noise!

Jill’s U3A group is sourcing sheets/sheeting for some of their members to make up ‘scrubs’ from the various patterns available online.

If you have any sheets (in reasonable condition for plenty of washes), that have been sitting unloved in your airing cupboard etc., please let me know and I can collect and deliver to Jill for onward transmission to her group.

This evening, I will be collecting Ann D’s 15 (yes FIFTEEN) headbands that she has made for the nurses at Teddington Hospital and will deliver to the contact there.  That is a great effort, Ann.  Well done indeed!

I have updates from Kevin from Hampton (all good) but will save those for tomorrow’s posting.

Ange is making Lancashine Hotpot with Steak on Sunday morning to deliver around lunchtime Sunday.  If you or a careworker you know would appreciate a portion (£1.50), please let Ange or me know.

I have to go back to the grindstone now.  My office pc was struggling so I had to clear the browsing history and fine tune it for better performance.


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