Shutdown – 5 Days On

Is it really only 5 days since we shut the club?  It seems like months since a bowl left my hand and I’m sure most of you feel the same.

I hope you’re all still well and are being sensible, keeping up the handwashing andng that all import 2 metres from the next person.  This will be very hard for the naturally touchy-feely ones amongst us.

The club is still shut but if you have a few minutes, why not ring someone from your league team or club (indoors or outdoors) and see how they are.  It’s very easy to go in to complete shutdown but a friendly voice is always welcome.  For a change, you won’t be discussing the weather (but it’s going to get sunnier over the weekend -phew) but you can compare food shopping experiences i.e. no food, no loo rolls and have a good all whinge about that!  You could discuss rationing even!

Several of our members live on their own so a phone call can mean a lot and keeps that sense of togetherness.

Get out for some fresh air – the spring flowers and blossoms are coming out and look stunning.  Stay off public transport and keep 2 metres from the nearest person to protect both you and them.

Send me any other suggestions.

I could look at putting some quiz questions up .  My work and pay have been cut by 20% so should have some more time next week.


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