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Richmond Ice Rink History – Hopefully if you click on the photo it will be more readable


Out on an early cycle ride on Sunday, I came across the storyboard beside the Thames on the Twickenham side of the Thames.  I posted this on my FB page commenting that I had private lessons from Betty Callaway, who didn’t give up in despair with my efforts, as she went on to train Torvill & Dean!  It prompted an email from Gerry.

“You are now in my territory talking about Betty Callaway.  She was my late wife Doreen’s teacher.  Doreen was a good ice dancer.  I was speed skating with the Aldwych Club but used to dabble in ice dance with her  We were sometimes the only dancers on the ice in the dance intervals during public sessions .  I can even remember the dances  -Ten step, Blues, Killion, waltz tango,and many others.  I did have a couple of lessons with Roy Callaway, but was never up to my wife’s standard but she still married me.  Lucky me. It lasted 53 yrs.

“You have triggered more memories of my years at the rink.  I can even remember the live band and its leader Lew Hakim. The band used to be on the Balcony but they then moved it to ice level and built a bandstand at the end of the rink by the small Arosa rink  Where have those years gone? God I wish I could relive them.  A totally different world from now.

“Thanks for triggering it all, Dawn.”

What great memories.  Thanks, Gerry.    I was trying to remember about the live band, but I don’t think so.  I hired those brown skates before I had my own white pair.  They weren’t comfortable and imagine how many feet went in those every day and no disinfecting in between?  Come, to think of it, it probably contributed to boosting our immune system!

Does anyone else have memories of skating at Richmond?

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  1. ronald raymond clements says:

    I got quit go once got round with out holding on to the side .I had a relation there who did coaching same surname I never ask her for lesson as I only went the because of the girls . did not have much luck there either .

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Thanks for the comment, Ron.
      Well done for getting round without holding on. It feels amazing the first time you do it!
      I’m sure a lot people went with a view to possibly finding a partner, but they weren’t successful either but we still had fun, didn;t we?

      Gerry has found some photos, so will try and get sight of them to put up on the site.

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