Sockgate and Fruit/Veg Boxes

Sorry for the delay as I’m sure the excitement has been building up over the last few days!  Will she/ won’t she?

Despite the mounting excitement, first there’s something much more useful for you if you’re unable to get out.

Nadine has let us know that  are putting together fruit, veg, salad boxes and they will deliver locally.  Prices start from £22.00.  Nadine said they’re excellent and she has been buying flowers from them for years if you want to add something else to cheer yourself up.

 Essential Fruit & Veg Box   This is a sample of their essential Fruit/Veg box at £25.00.  There’s enough for 3-6 people but cooking and freezing casseroles and stews makes it a versatile and healthy option if htere are less than 3 staying at home.

Thanks, Nadine.  That’s really helpful information.  Anyone have any other good local suppliers who we could help keep in business?  Email me with their details so I can post them on here.

Send recipes too!



And now  for the boring bit.  My sock/underwear draw looks much better.  I know there are still too many, but I did throw a lot out!   Even now, the end result probably means I do not have to put socks etc in the wash more than once a month.  How did that happen?!

I suppose the cupboard under the stairs must be on the list for another day.  Aaargh!  Don’t worry,  you’ll be spared.

Stay safe.  Keep hand washing.  Take that vital bit of fresh air/exercise each day and don’t forget to phone a friend.


PS  Anyone with their bowls at home tried target bowling down the hall or anywhere?

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