Spring is on the Way

Well the temperature has certainly risen – 10C at the moment and going up to 14C!  It’s a shame the sun isn’t out but maybe that will come later.

Not a lot to report today except the news that family maybe able to make visits to care homes and hold hands with their loved ones (under covid guidelines)  Hand holding.  A small physical gesture that has been missed by many millions of people for the last months.  The possibility that maybe four people will be able to meet outside from April is good.  April still seems a bit of a way away but holds good for the outdoor season at all our various clubs, anyway.

Australian Open Ladies’ Final on now.  Osaka is definitely the favourite and, apart from the odd blip, she has looked very strong.  Brady was unfortunate enough to arrive on a plane where there was a positive Covid case, so spent the first fortnight in her hotel room hitting balls up against the mattress on her bed!

THe men play tomorrow.  Mevedev looked in exceptional form against Tsitsipas in yesterday’s semi-final.  He will need to keep that up v Djokavic.  He made an interesting comment in that Djokavic has won many grand slams, so the pressure is on him to win rather than Mevedev.  This is true in bowls too.  You play a top player and it will rely on their mental ability to stay strong.  The underdog can relax and play their game (although of course we all hope we don’t make a complete muppet of ourselves!).

A few of us ‘youngsters’ have had side effects following the AstraZenica jab.  They state they shouldn’t last longer than a week.  We all hope that is true!  The Pfizer jab doesn’t seem to have had the same reaction.  We’re all different though so our bodies react differently.  It would be very boring if we were all the same, wouldn’t it?

The goldfinches are lining up on the feeder.  It’s good to see them.  The redwings which were chomping their way through the berries on the tree outside only seem to appear when it’s really cold.  Teh robin and wren are happy hoovering up the bits the goldfinches and tits toss out onto the ground.  Having bought a whole tub of fat balls, none of the birds seem to like them.  Doh!

Right I’m off to pound the Isleworth-Richmond loop now then to feed the baby parrot fish in the Chairman’s office.

Elpis and Hermes with Silver Shark in the background

What are you doing?

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