Football, Tennis and Snooker

Well Kevin K was a happy boy last night!  It’s good when your team have a win be it local, county, professional or country.

Brenda D has been glued to the tennis.  There were some unbelievable shots in the Nadal match.  Tsitsipas scraped through but it could have gone either way.  Djokavic is currently on court now (9.00 am UK time) and the unseeded Karatsev is giving him a good run in the first set.

We are guaranteed one British player in the Men’s Double finals as Jamie Murray & Bruno Soares face Jo Salisbury & Ram tomorrow at 2.00 pm Australian time.  If you’re a lark up to get a very very early worm, you could watch it live!

There was some snooker on Eurosport yesterday.  It’s not a favourite of mine but I know some of you are very keen.  There must be golf and cricket on some channel from somewhere too.  Gone are the days when television started at lunchtime with Watch with Mother, then stopped, then re-started in the evening.  Who else remembers sitting there after the last programme watching the little white dot disappear with a whine?!  Did they also play the National Anthem every night or am I imagining that?

There was a post on the Bowls Middlesex page yesterday than Vic Mould (former County Competition Secretary) had passed away.  I don’t know if any of you knew him, but condolence messages can be passed on to Andy Docker if you wish.

If you’re thinking about going to Kew Gardens, there are some signs of spring, but it maybe better to wait another week or so when the daffodils should come into their own.  If you’re a member, make the most of your membership card and go more than once.  The entrance price is now considerably more than 1d, so if you’re paying to go in, I would wait.  There were quite a lot of children yesterday but it is half term week.  As a child, Kew was the most boring place to go.  Roll on 60 years and there are plenty of activities for children to get involved as well as burn off some energy in the fresh air.

I shall be hot-footing it to Harlequins for my jab.  I see some parts of the country are handing out badges and bags of Percy Pigs (other sweets are available).  Somehow I doubt this will happen at the Stoop.  A free ticket to a match game would be nice.  Oh, I’ve just seen pigs flying by the window!

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