Wet and Warm-ish

It’s going up to 17-18 C at the weekend.  That’ll almost be shorts weather.  Probably a good time to go and survery the ravages of winter on the gardens and see what needs digging up and check on the spring flowers about to show their colours.  Really looking forward to that.

Meanwhile today it just looks wet!  Probably not the best day for going to Kew Gardens, but it’ll be a change of walking scene.

In the Australian Open, Djokavic came through after a bit of a wobble (and a smashed racquet) and both Jamie Murray with his partner and joe Salisbury and his partner are through in the pairs having played earlier today.  Both lads keeping the British hopes going.

The red scarves would have been waving last night as Liverpool managed a win which should give them a bit of a lift.  Meanwhile red and white scarves will no doubt be out tonight as Brentford play away to QPR.  Fulham are away to Burnley and Chelsea are having a rest after their win v Sheffield Wednesday on Monday and working themselves up for a trip to the coast Southampton on Saturday.  West Ham plays Spurs on Saturday – glad there’s at least one London club at home this week.

I hope most of you are not going to be caught up in the 1.7 million extra shielding group.  We need to get you all back on the green!


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  1. Kevin Keown says:

    Well there were blue & white scarves waving in West London tonight, not red & white after the Super Hoops beat Brentford 2-1. Come on you R’s!!

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