Sunday 15th May – R&B League v Teddington

We had a good afternoon yesterday but lost to Ashford who put out a very strong side, full of County players.  None of their ladies made it into their team.

Well done to Scott, Stella K, Lucy & Norman who had a neck-and-neck game all the way through and came out with a 2 shot win. Great stuff!

The rest of us tried our best and we weren’t strong enough. however, there was mention on our rink by Ashford (as well as us) as to how well Shaf played. He pretty much had one bowl near to the jack in almost every end. For a new bowler, that was very impressive!

We play Teddington this afternoon. Another strong outdoor club but we’re up for the challenge!

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  1. Ann Dale says:

    Well done Shaf it’s good to hear, he is so keen and enthusiastic a shining light from the coaching group.

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