Sunday Again and We’re All Another Day Older!

Hope you all stayed dry yesterday although I’m sure Lucy and Merve will have got wet at some point!

I was wrong about the pigeons looking miserable on Richmond Lock Bridge yesterday.  Not one in sight.  They’d all gone into hiding, as had the seagulls!  I saw one goldfinch on the feeder .  Mind you it ws difficult to see anything as the rain hurtled at the balcony doors most of the day.  Very depressing.

Today, it’s chilly, but there are light wispy candyfloss clouds in a pale blue sky and a chance to get out for the daily exercise and back before any rain turns up.

There have been three goldfinches, four starlings, a wren and, er well, a squirrel but he has joined the ground feeding lot clearing up the sunflower hearts carelessly tossed aside by the goldfinches.  Nyger seed is great but the goldfinches are hopelessly messy and it gets everywhere.  The resulting plants do not produce the seeds needed, so Nyger is off the birds’ menu and that has saved a few pounds.

Talking of food, I see Norman is perfecting his Rock Cake recipe.  He is not delivering to any tasters during lockdown, so we’ll just have to wait until we start playing again.  Maybe March?  Is that too hopeful?

Has anyone tried the M&S (there are other supermarkets) Cheese & Marmite Hot Cross Buns yet?  There is no dried fruit in them (which is a relief) so are they really hot cross buns or just another bready/cakey item?


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