Today is, um er, Tuesday? No? Um, Friday?!

It’s tricky keeping a track of the days isn’t it?  Can you measure them by the number of jigsaws completed?  Number of books read?  What are you reading?  I’ve been recommended to try Ken Follett books.

At the moment I’m delving into The Secret Diary of Henrik Groen aged 83 and a 1/4.  It’s hilarious.

On the music front, I’ve listed to The Glory of Gershwin which celebrates Gershwin’s music sung/performed by a wild variety of artists and Larry Adler’s 80th birthday so there are harmonica solos on each – he was definitely very talented.  For the last two nights on my daily walk, I’ve played Robbie Williams’ Swing While You’re Winning – some great classics and some different songs.  Although when that finished it moved on to another album and You’ll Never Walk Alone played.  I tried to sing it out loud, but couldn’t.  It was just too emotional at that particular point in time.  My colleague is still fighting for his life in ICU.

Good to see Norman making his scones last night.  Stella whipped up a dozen muffins – check out our Facebook page.

David H is well so is Corale, although is finding being unable to ramble except around her living room a bit boring.  Ron L is ok and looking after his wife.  Their neighbours are doing some shopping for them.  Spoke to Gym yesterday.  He was doing emergency plumbing and was not finding it very easy to say the least!  Gym, Gerry and Reg have been going to the old-codgers’ supermarket shopping sessions.  Food seems to be ok but if you’re struggling to get out, please let me know.

Let me know any book/music recommendations.  It’s good to share now that we have to time to read and listen.


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