Tuesday – Match Updates – Updated!

Following our successful Over 50’s National Triples results, we have some more localised results.

Alas, Steve G’s triples lost their MIddlesex comp but Dawn won her MIddlesex Singles v Angela Frankland and the Two P’s (Twells & Judge) won on the last end of their Pairs at Herga.
The report said they were 6-18 down after 12 ends, crept back up to 19-19 on 19th end when they dropped a 2 to a somewhat flukey shot, so went into final end 19-21. They pulled the cat out of the bag with a 4 on 21st end to win 21-23.
great result, chaps!  They now face David Baxter & Jason Liddle from Century at CP in the quarter final.

Audrey is heading off to The Lawns to play Sandra Williamson-Mills – bit of a trek by public transport.
Dawn gets to play Tina, who had her Singles win v Barbra Bogan last week. I’m guessing that will be at CP too even though it’s a semi final and we won’t need a neutral green.

Andy H has reported that he & Will beat Glenn & Nick from Century  in the Middlesex Pairs last night 24-16. Great result!
They are at CP on Saturday in the Men’s Fours and hoping for a similar result!

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