Two Big Matches Became THREE Big Matches Yesterday!

First up were Jean & Nadine playing Sue Apperly & partner (apologies, not sure of the name) in the area Senior Pairs FInal over at Ladygate.  A very close match resulting in a 17-14 win for the Bush Hill Park duo.  We wish them well at Leamington.  Jean & Nadine still have the Middlesex Pairs Final to look forward to – on 8th August at Ashford I believe.

Next was the home tie between Steve G & Norman and Laurence & sooper sub Gym (Gordon being in France).  Another tight match in which each pair took the lead then the others caught up.  In the 18th end, Laurence said he had a shot for 4 which he missed  but “not by much”.  This took it into an extra end – told you it was going to be a close game! – which gave Laurence & Gym a 17-16 victory with Laurence admitting to a ‘glide off a wide-ish wood”.  I’m sure Steve & Norman gave out an audible “ouch” or some such word.  You have to accept that over the years these shots happen as much for you as against you, so although victory was sweet for Laurence & Gym the defeat was cruel to Steve & Norman.  As one of CP’s bowlers who will be 90 next week once said to me (and no doubt others) on wicking in for shot “You’ve got to be in the head”.   That’s true.  No good being 2 yards short, is it?!

Anyway, the boys are all back on the same team again this Sunday 1st August in the Middlesex Senior Fours Final, so we wish them well whether there are wicks or slides accompanying their other standard draws, fires, tap and lay shots!  They play at 10.00 am at Hendon kicking off the County FInals Day alongside the non-senior Fours.

A match of which I was unaware until late morning yesterday was the Middlesex Area Champion of Champion Semi-Final between Cathy T and Sue Butcher played at West Ealing last night.  Cathy reported  “super game” achieving a 21-19 win. Congratulations!   She now plays Hannah H from Bush Hill Park in the Area Final on a neutral green on a date to be advised.

More fun tonight when Jacquie E & team take on Marion B & co from Ashford in the Middlesex Fours.  The match is at Cambridge Park at 4.00 pm, followed at 6.00 pm by Dawn’s team who take on Liz D’s four from Fordbridge Park.  Both opposing teams must have played as much as CP as they have at their own clubs this season!

Have any of you any other news?  How are your gardens coming along with the dramatic changes in weather recently? Have you been to the theatre or cinema?  Have you visited anywhere you think others might like?  If so, please let us know!  There is life outside of bowls, so it would be good to have some other news for you!

Gordon has been away in Italy and France.  Unless the traffic light turns from Amber Plus to Amber in the next 3 days, he will need to have 10 days’ isolation at home having come from France and will miss the Senior Fours Final.  I am sure he will have had a good time though – still waiting for a postcard to find out!

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  1. kevin keown says:

    Not sure if you have mentioned Laurence’s National Senior Singles Middlesex Regional Final on Friday to be played at Hampton BC against Attilio Ciampini, Uxbridge. It starts at 13:00 and I will be marking. All are welcome to come and watch.

    Kevin Keown

  2. Dawn says:

    Thanks, Kevin. I have put it on one of the posts as well as Facebook. Also noted you will supervising the cutting of the green in the morning!
    I hope it’s a good game. Laurence will face Attilio again in the Senior Pairs.
    I hope you enjoy marking too. It should be a good game.

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