Under Pressure

Everyone would be disappointed when England went out of the World Cup on Saturday night. There were definitely a couple of odd decisions against the team but France did play well although England did seem to have more shots at goal.
Harry Kane is shouldering the blame. He converted one penalty in spectacular fashion but having to  take a second put him under enormous pressure. Aim somewhere different, double bluff and go to the same place? What would be going through your mind if it was you?

Ange had to take (and converted) penalties into goals when she was England Hockey Captain.   The pressure must be unbelievable especially at such a high level. Ask her!

The England team did really well but it wasn’t to be their year.

Rinaldo left the pitch in tears when Portugal didn’t get through.

It hurts so much when the passion is high. We feel it at our level of bowls when that final shot doesn’t come off. We may not go and sob in the corner but it still hurts.
Whoever goes out of the Strictly semi-final tonight I’m sure will be devastated. Being so close and just not scaling the final hurdle after all the training.

We all learn from losing. We lose more than we win in every sport. It’s part of life and we become stronger for it.

For those football fans, I gather the Premier League starts again on Boxing Day, so not too long to wait for another fix!

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