Weekend and Other News

Great turnout on Saturday afternoon – a full house +1!  We’ll have another roll up this coming Saturday at 2.00 pm.  (Indoor times are on the hour, unlike outdoors, except for the evening session which starts at 6.30 pm to allow those working an extra 30 mins to get to leagues)

Usual morming roll ups Monday to Friday at 10.00 am.

Roll ups also this Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30 pm.

On competition news, Peter T & Di S lost by one shot on the final end of their National Mixed Pairs on Saturday at Egham.  Gym & Dawn are playing another Egham pair on Wednesday at CP at 6.30 pm and Steve G & Tricia are playing yet another Egham pair on Thursday at Egham.

Mixed Fours are coming up – when we’ve fixed the date!  Peter T’s four are playing Dawn’s four, so that will be a home fixture.

It’s a gorgeous morning out there, so get out if you can.  Have a coffee sitting in the sunshine and top up your Vitamin D!


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