Well Booked!

Great to see that rink bookings started flooding in yesterday with Richard D being the first kid off the block this afternoon and Peter J bringing up the rear tonight!

Thank you.  We are so pleased to be open again and your support through booking and playing is good all round.  If you need rink vouchers, Ange and I will be at the club at lunchtime until 6.00 pm tonight and tomorrow (Saturday) at 10.00 am.

Most of you will have someone to contact and play against, but if you’re feeling a bit shy about asking someone else, email me on enquiries@cambridgeparkbowlsclub.com.  There might be someone else in the same position so it would be a shame if both of you were sitting at  home wishing that you were playing instead.



PS  Take your umbrella when you go out.  It’s very wet!

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