Day 0 – Blast Off or Landing?

As the National Lockdown was only 27 days in the end, we have sort of gained this extra day which could make it blast off.  Is that more or equally as positive as a landing?

I don’t think I want to watch 200+ people crushing each other to get inside the shops on Oxford Street, as that is what happened when the first lockdown was lifted.  I’m guessing most of you will be taking things gingerly for today at least.


Anyway following the EIBA notice yesterday, namely:-

Organised indoor bowls can take place for 2 people from different households (singles play) or for people from the same household / support bubble on the same rink as long as they do not interact with people on other rinks.

SO, WE WILL BE OPEN FOR SOLO AND SINGLES PLAY ON ALL FOUR RINKS FROM 2.00 pm TOMORROW, SO FEEL FREE TO START BOOKING!  Ange has updated the Risk Assessment and we will discuss if/how we can organise pairs play at the Board meeting.

This was posted on Twitter by Thomas from Merthyr Tydfil.



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