Well Done to All Middlesex Triples’ Ladies!

Crikey, wasn’t it wet, wet, wet?!  Jacquie, Marie and Janice also caught the hailstones and storms during their match.  The rest of us who played at 6.00 pm just got soaked through!  Next round for Ange, Sarah and Dawn and first appearance for Ann, Nadine and Cathy will be next Monday, 24th at Cambridge Park.

Just heard the weather forecast for the remainder of the week …. you’d better all bring your waterproofs on Friday.  Boo hoo!  At least we can have a drink indoors afterwards if it’s chucking it down.  Still, let’s make the most of the event with our friends.  Please take photos – team shots are good and anything not posed is fun.  Ange’s twin sister will be down with her camera but we want  your photos too.

Don’t leave home without an umbrella today either!


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