Well, Have You or Haven’t You?

Thought I’d delay the posting today to see if any of you who have been on the 12 week lockdown have now ventured outside?

There is no right or wrong answer!  Some might feel relieved to step outside into our changed environment with social distancing and others of you might prefer to stay in your ‘castle’!

Please let us know.  Your feelings either way could be helpful to another member.

If you are able to drive, you can go to the bowls club and watch for an hour or so.  This might be a good start for some as you are going somewhere familiar (providing you can get the car started after its long rest of course!) and can see some friendly faces.  Check out the Green Bookings page so you can see when people will be there.  You need to either take your own chair (I know some of you have those collapsible “director’s” chairs) or take some disinfectant to spray the bench/chair when you leave.  We know you don’t have to spray a park bench, but we want to keep you safe and believe you will happier knowing where you put your behind and arms are germ free!

You can take your own snack and drinks but you will also have to take your own rubbish away.

I’m a bit tied up with my flat at the moment, but could be around for an hour or so at the weekend, if anyone wanted company on their first venture out – even if it’s to walk down the street and back.  I won’t be able to take you by the arm though!


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