We’re Free!

That was the subject heading from Dick & Di‘s email!

For the first time in nearly 10 weeks, they were able to venture outside their front gate and took a walk in Bushy Park.  Di said it was lovely to able to do the simple things that had been taken for granted, like sitting by the river and watching the wild life go about their daily comings and goings.

Their Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations were quiet but they said they had loads of cards and messages from family and friends which made it a different sort of celebration.  They hope to come down to the club soon but for various reasons cannot get there yet.

Ray P has also managed to get out for a walk down his street and back.  The op that he was expecting in March has been rescheduled for next week, so that’s very good news.

W seemed to have done well coming out of the at least the major wave of the virus.  Well done to everyone who has observed all the safety measures.  Numbers of cases and deaths have fallen because of people like you who have obeyed the rules.

Bowls England has issued new guidance allowing pairs and triples as long as we keep the safety distances.  See separate post.




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