Well, Wasn’t That a Special Occasion?!

The arrival of The Chelsea Pensioners was all that we expected.  What a wonderful, glorious spectacle!  Please click on the IMG links.


The Reception!

I’m afraid you’ll have to lie on your side to watch this second clip!  (I couldn’t find how to turn it around!)  Norman did a great job in whipping the crowd up into a frenzy!


I’m still waiting for an official match report but from a couple have sent messages saying it was a wonderful occasion and how much they all enjoyed the day.


It was good to see so many members and friends who came to share the experience.

More updates later!

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  1. Norman says:

    The match was played in great spirit and CP captain awarded the game to the Royal Hospital as it was played under UEFA rules where away goals count double so they won by 8 shots.Another notable occasion was a wrong bias by Brian.

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