Where’s the Sun and Heat?!

It was a bit of a surprise this morning when the sun wasn’t blinding me through the skylight as it had been after the last few days.  Might have to put a jumper on!

More VE Day Celebrations news from Barbara P who lives across the road from Pat S

Weren’t we lucky with such a gorgeous day for our very muted celebrations!  We (Pat & I)  took our suitable refreshments outside onto the front garden and had very happy chats with any who passed by – and I am pleased to say there were quite a lot – all at a social distance I hasten to add.  I hope your day was as enjoyable.

and also from Ray & Pat P celebrating in their usual party fashion.  Don’t they look great?

Ray P Enjoying the Sunshine and Celebrations



Party Purdey’s



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    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Thank you! I’ve done pretty well with phone calls, flowers, chocolates, cakes (yes, plural), pizza, fizz and jewellery. Not to mention single portions of frozen food – brilliant idea !
      I’m a very lucky girl.

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