World Indoor Bowls Championships

I’m not sure if you’re all keeping up with the World Bowls.  It is streamed live on their Facebook page and I will add liks toour Facebook page if I catch them – howver, my job comes first and it’s busy!

Sorry to see Greg Harlow & Nicky Brett go our last night.   Stewart Anderson played draw after draw after draw as lead putting Greg under enormous pressure.  Greg had some fantastic ends but not as many as Stewart, leaving it much harder for Nicky to get the shots required.   Stewart & Darren go on to face Mark Dawes & Jamie Chesney in the final

Today, there are four singles matches concluding with Mark Royal v Katherine Rednall at 7.30 pm tonight.  I haven’t found the live streaming on youtube, but all the matches are there to watch within a few minutes of the match finishing.  For those without Facebook or YouTube, BBC will start showing the matches on 17th January so not long to wait!

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  1. Jean says:

    Norman has been watching WB on Facebook in the evening on his phone as didn’t want to watch my team of Man U on TV last night! Our first sight of rain here today after sitting in hot sunshine yesterday by the sea – I could get used to that !!

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