World Skating Championships

No, alas, we don’t have any of our members competing in these championships being held in Montpelier!

During the Beijing Winter Olympics we posted a photo of Gerry in his speed-skating days.  He met his wife, Doreen, at Richmond Ice Rink where ice dancing was her speciality.  This week would have seen their 70th wedding anniversary had she lived.

The photo below shows Gerry having swapped his speed skates for the more classical black ones, looking very dapper in his shirt and tie and pausing for a photo with Doreen.  It was a small glide from Richmond Ice rink and the fun they shared there and onto a local bowls green.  Another great hobby!

Thanks for sharing, Gerry.

Doreen Swan & Dance Partner 1950
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  1. Jean Staples says:

    Great photo Gerry ! It was nice to see you recently at the club ! See you at the weekend to watch the club finals !!

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