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It happens to most authors and I guess bloggers just the same, so apologies there wasn’t a post yesterday.

The bowls’ news is centred on the Commonwealth Games in 2022 at Leamington and this year’s Nationals with a few things to be resolved by Bowls England in discussion with the County Secretaries.

Closer to home, we can meet with one person for a cup of tea/coffee  (other beverages are available) and eats from Monday and not just exercise with one person.  It would appear that this permission has been granted early in Richmond for the last fortnight or am I just imagining it?  And not just two people!  In all honesty, most of us  have probably stretched one of the rules at some point.

Looking ahead to the day the club opens and the new season, there are plenty of jobs to do around the club. So, have a think and work out what you might be able to do to help – we have a tool for getting the moss out between the flagstones; a lot of the ivy could be removed from the flower beds to allow space for planting; Terry will probably want some spare hands to help clear the ditches (again!) and wash and lay the rubbers; Ken’s bench needs a protecting varnish and the other benches could do with a bit of tlc.

From 29th March, outdoor groups can be of 6 people so a lot of the above will be much more fun working together.  Have a think if you could spare half an hour or an hour and could help.

Bowls England are pushing for a recruitment drive over the second May Bank Holiday weekend.  Do you have friends and neighbours who you think might like to have a go.  In the last 12 months, we have all met people around us that we didn’t know before and it’s a good time to share something of the sport you love with others.  Would you like a morning session with a beer afterwards, or an afternoon session with tea and cake?  Again, have a think.  The Club belongs to its members and not just the few who’ve stuck their heads above the parapet for specific roles.  We can all contribute from meeting/greeting; helping new people select an appropriate size of bowls to borrow; sharing the basics of what is a very simple game (in theory but not in practice!); encouragement; making a cake; cleaning tables and chairs; gardening.

Recruitment is not purely about being a qualified coach!

In the meantime, enjoy stepping outside in your garden or your front path or a local park and getting a teensy bit of Vitamin D – Friday should be the sunniest day.

Anyone been to the Woodlands in Bushy Park?  Are the Camelias out?  Please email photos and I’ll put them up.  We need spring more than ever this year (preferably without the tree pollen!).


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