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Another lovely sunny day out there but as  you might be restricted to just opening a window, you  might need some other info to help fill the hours.

If you haven’t looked at YouTube, then it holds a wealth of information from numerous DIY tasks to Singing and Bowls as well as a wealth of other useful information and learning skills.  It’s not just vidoes of pop songs.

My schoolfriend alerted me to Gareth Malone’s Home Choir which started up on Monday.  I’ve now registered but missed the first two sessions, so will need to catch up later.  5.30 pm daily.

You can either go straight to or type Gareth Malone’s Home Choir in your Google/Bing/Exporer search box.  You need to register with a first name and email address and tick the email box – or you won’t be able to complete the reigstration – unsubscribe at a later date.  My friend said it was brilliant.  A lot of fun and singing makes you feel better however badly you think you sing!

Also on YouTube, you will find videos of World Bowls Championships over the years – and that magical shot Nicky Brett made this year.


PS  I haven’t re-organised my sock drawer – saving it for the weekend!  John Quinn, who hosts our website, emailed to say he has 20 identical pairs of black socks, so he doesn’t need to re-organise it!  Maybe I should just go for 20 pairs white socks then?


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