I don’t know how many of you caught HRH Prince Philip’s funeral on television yesterday.  I managed to park the car for the 1 minute silence and then watched a bit on my phone before going home to watch on catch up.  I thought it was a very moving occasion and Prince Philip had done a remarkable job in arranging what he wanted from start (who else would have designed a landrover to hold a lead-lined coffin?) to finish.  The pallbearers were remarkably strong to hold his coffin for such a long time and move up so many steps pause for the minute’s silence then continue down the chapel without seeming to waiver.   It was a lovely touch having the horse and carriage with HRH’s cap, whip and blanket in the passenger’s seat and the bands playing on the grass outside – Nimrod by Elgar has me reaching for the Kleenex every time!  The four singers had wonderful voices and the acoustics for them, the buglers and bagpipes were perfect.

It was good that they followed protocol concerning Covid guidelines but it made me feel extremely sorry for HM the Queen to sit there all alone on such an occasion but I am sure she is not the only widow or widower in the last 12 months who has had to do this.  On those occasions, it’s when you want your family near and for them to be so close yet so far is really tough for everyone.

Prior to that, I had been for coffee with Tina & Mike C, Tricia G and Bob & Frances.  Tina has been poorly but is on the mend now.  Mike is doing a great job in looking after her and their new garden is lovely!  The birds frequenting the feeders are also jolly pleased that Mike and Tina now live there!

From there I popped in on Ray P to deliver his bowls and shoes and to pick up the indoor fixture name and address book as arranged earlier in the week.  Ray gaily went off to CP on Friday morning and checked up on the workers(!) and wondered why he couldn’t find his things.  Pat was on the verge of searching the garage!  With Ray’s resignation from the Board and the Indoor Fixture Secretary position, we need a few more people to step up and help ….. please!

Peter C went down to the Club and started working on Ken Wilson’s bench in the afternoon.  I am sure with the furniture oil, it will look lovely as well as keeping it in good condition.  We have just about 10-12 more benches that need a bit of tlc – sandpapering first, if any of you would like to help out with that.

Lynde House Care Home down the road in Cambridge Park, who have sponsored us outdooors, think some of their residents/staff might be able to help us out with a bit of gardening so we are looking into this.  It’s a really kind offer, so I hope we can make it work and forge a closer relationship between us.

There will be another Working Party on Wednesday morning, so if you didn’t make either session last week, do come down and give us a hand this week.  It’s a good chance to catch up with other members whilst enhancing the club grounds.

10-00 – 12.00 Wednesday 21st April.  The less we have to do on the surroundings once we start playing on Saturday, the better!  We’ll take a rain check on Wednesday as to whether it would be useful to have another working party on Friday.  The work will be there, but we don’t want to find stiff backs and limbs delaying your start to the outdoor season!

Better start practising bowling action and swinging our arms to get back into the rhythm!

Havea good Sunday.

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  1. Tina Cooper says:

    I would like to say a massive thank you to Cambridge Park for the card and centenary bowls top which was gifted to me. Much appreciated and we look forward to seeing you all sometime.

  2. Ann Dale says:

    I agree Dawn a very moving service and just enough military presence. HRH The Queen did look so small and alone and we felt for her. Everyone needs their family at these sad times.

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