Weyhey for the Over 60’s!

Another hot day yesterday and another one today.  I hope you’re all keeping cool and drinky plenty of fluids – the non-alcoholic sort!

Norman, Jean, Steve, Tricia, Gym, Corale, Brian N and Dawn played in the MIddlesex area semi-final over the Tony Allcock Trophy against Brentham.  The pace of the green was good and, on our rink, Brian N, had a great game.  Norman seemed to be pretty hot on the next door rink too!  Anyway it was good for both rinks and Brentham conceded before the 15 ends were up.  Thanks to Corale who came in at the very last minute.

Our opponents are not known yet.  It’ll either be Bush Hill Park A or Winchmore Hill.  The match will need to be played on a neutral green.

Our Ladies Top Club will be playing either Bush Hilll Park or Winchmore Hill in the Middlesex Area final of the Ladies Top Club too.  We were due to play Brentham on Saturday but they have been struck by Covid pinging.

This pinging is become a real problem everywhere.


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