Author: Dawn Slaughter

Wednesday 8th May – Refurbishments Update

The changing refurbishments are well under way but the new lockers will not be arriving before 24th May, so please could you continue to take your bowls to and from the club, or put somewhere safely – ask Jane if you’re unsure of the best place.

At weekends, you can change in the changing rooms but just not leave anything in there after the match.

The new carpets will go in tomorrow (9th) and the painting in the entrance hall should also be done this week.

Will keep updating you as and when we have more information.

Friday 3rd May – Race Night

There was a very good turnout for the Races on Friday Night and we were all glad to be indoors, rather than standing outside as it was rather nippy to say the least!

Benjamin from Royale Racing set up his system and we set off for 8 races over the evening.  A total of £399 was raised (with £142 from Ann M’s raffle going to the Indoor Carpet Fund).

Thanks to Ange, Sue (her twin sister) and Ann M who did a great job in buying and setting out the Ploughman’s Meals which were thoroughly enjoyed at half time.  Thanks also to Jane behind the bar – racing is very thirsty work!

We shall have another either later in the year or early next year, so keep an eye out for Social Night events posted on here and at the Club.  Next is a Murder Mystery Event on 10th August.

Monday 7th May – Mixed Friendly v NPL – Match Report

From Match Captain, David Hale:

                                                            CP                         NPL

Rink 2    Jean Staples                       11                           16

Rink 3    Norman Chart                    22                           11

Rink 4    David Hale                          21                           12

Total                                                    54                           39

This was a win for Cambridge Park. It was nice to see our friends from NPL, having been playing indoors with most of them just a few weeks ago.  The evening start was good, allowing some people who work to play a friendly match in the evening. The weather could have been a little warmer for May, but it was not too bad and the sun was out for most of the evening. On Jean’s rink, Cambridge Park actually won most of the ends but it was by ones and twos, whereas NPL was getting higher scores when they won. Norman’s rink was ahead early on and it stayed that way, whereas David’s rink was neck and neck until the halfway point, after which Cambridge Park pulled away. Still, it wasn’t the scores that were important, it was just a good social game of bowls which was very enjoyable.

Sunday 28th April – Mixed Friendly v Masonians – Match Report

From Match Captain, David Hale:

                                                            CP                    Masonians

Rink 4    David Hale                          17                           18

Rink 5    Gym Brown                        17                           22

Rink 6    Ann Halliday                       18                           30

Total                                                    52                           70

This was a lovely afternoon’s game against what proved to be a stronger Masonians side. On my rink, we lost on the last end having led for practically the whole game. Gym’s rink was a close match, but Cambridge Park were just behind for most of the game. Ann’s rink unfortunately got off to a slow start, but was actually a draw for the second half of the match so, underlying, a good recovery. The match was fun and played in a good spirit. The match also had a degree of poignancy for me as my late father used to play for Masonians and in that week would have been his 100th birthday, so I was really pleased to be captain that day and able to share some memories with some Masonian members who were there when he was

Saturday 4th May – R&B League v Teddington

It was a good start to the league season with a 2-1 rink win over local rivals and friends Teddington.

Most bowlers coped with the speed of the green, although, as always, it’s a bit heavy during May without much turn, but still pretty good.

Top rink was Laurence, Ange, Roy E & Dawn on this occasion.  Long may it continue, although Teddington will be polishing up their bowls for revenge later in the season!

Subscriptions 2019-2020

Subscription invoices will be sent out at the beginning of May.

The Board of Directors has agreed the following subscription fees for 2019 – 2020.

  • Combined Outdoor and Indoor membership – £215 (Including £10 towards the indoor green and £5 for a new locker).
  • Indoor membership only – £105 (Including £10 towards the indoor green and £5 for a new locker).
  • Outdoor membership only – £145 (Including £5 for a new locker).
  • Social membership – £5.

New members – half price for first year i.e.

Combined £115 (£100 plus £10 towards indoor green and £5 for new locker);

Indoors £60  (£45 plus £10 towards indoor green and £5 for new locker)

Outdoors  £75 (£70 plus £5 for new locker)

Sunday 14th April – CLUB FINALS – Day 2

Another cracking day of bowls with the spectators on the edge of their seats!


Mixed Open Pairs – Jean Staples & Norman Chart – down to the final end

Men’s Open Pairs – Dave Ayton & Mike Brown – after they clawed their way back from a slow start

Ladies’ Drawn Pairs – Amanda Miltenburg & Jeanett Stewart – on the extra end!

Ladies Challenge – Sheila Cowmeadow

Men’s Singles – Dave Ayton

Ladies’ Singles  – Ange Cumine – on her first go in the championships!  It was pretty much nip and tuck all the way.

Thanks to Ange for preparing the jacket potatoes and chilli and grating all that cheese; to Ann D & Laurence for getting everything heated up in time for when the players finished their morning matches; to everyone who helped behind the bar; to Ann B, Barbara and Dawn for the cakes; and yet again the number of spectators who chipped in and washed up, cleared up and put everything away while we were on the green.

Also a big thank you to Ron Eden, the umpire for the day.


That concludes the indoor season for 2018-19 as the changing rooms have now been emptied and the men have been in already to take all the old lockers away and start work on prepping, decorating and installing new lockers.

Thank you.

Saturday 13th April – CLUB FINALS – Day 1 Results

A great day with some super bowling!

3 Bowl Daytime Pairs – Sheila Cowmeadow & Graeme Dale

Mixed Drawn Pairs – Ange Cumine & Brian Noel – down to last end!

Open Triples – Victor Jerabatnan, Peter Judge & Dawn Slaughter

Men’s Challenge – Ian Dale – what a cracker of a match!

2 Bowls Open Singles – Laurence Gatfield – another match right down to the wire!

Ladies’ Open Pairs – Ange Cumine & Dawn Slaughter

Thanks Vic Perry, the umpire for the day; to Jane and volunteers behind the bar; to Ange for organising and doing most of the preparation for the Ploughman’s Lunch; to Ann B and Dawn for the cakes; and to the multitude of members who helped clear and wash up whilst some of us were on the green.  Good team work!