Author: Dawn Slaughter

Sunday 27th January – Mixed Friendly v Chertsey

It was a great match against Chertsey although there did seem to be an audible appearance of the Worzels mid afternoon!

Well done to Norman’s top rink team with Audrey, Ange & Terry.  Peter T had a great game and so did Joan O’N who guested for his team and Jean and her band of merry men were happy to cling on to a one shot win!

Archie and co managed an honourable draw and Ken’s team started off like a train but the Chertsey boys decided they liked rink 4 and managed to pull away after tea.

Leo J from Chertsey joined the CP Wrong Bias Club and Bernard re-joined it with a all time record of 3 in one match.  If only he hadn’t removed his stickers when playing for the opposition!

Thanks to Kim and crew for the meal and to Norman and Joe for the after-meal speeches and banter.

We are hoping to play two fixtures against Chertsey next season.


Laurence, Sheila M, Dawn & skip Jean

Audrey, Ange, Terry & skip Norman

Joan H, Ann D, George H & skip Ken

Sarah, Frances, Bob & skip Archie

Match Captain: Norman

Match fee – £9.50 inc Pork Steaks.  Whites with club/white shirts

Saturday 20th January – Mixed Friendly v London Welsh

Well played everyone.  It was a good win on Sunday afternoon and (for a small ‘fine’) our resident Italian vocalist, Luigi, entertained us with a couple of songs after the meal.  Ann, Archie & Ange will never look at Luigi in the same way again!!

A wrong bias from one of the Welsh team and a misdemeanour with the mat by Laurence – tut, tut!


Steven K, Brenda D, Frances D & skip Laurence

Ange, Alan B, Bob D (welcome back!) & skip Barry

Ann B, Ranjani, Ann D & skip Archie

Ray V, Sheila M, Amanda & skip Dawn

Reserves:  George H & Joan H

Match Captain:  Laurence

Match Fee:  £9.50 inc Roast Chicken meal and desserts

Whites with Club Shirts

Saturday 19th January – LD Memorial v King George Field & Mixed Friendly

It was a close fought battle in the morning.  At home, the team managed to drop 2 6’s (aargh) but pulled themselves back to draw 22-22.

Away, Kevin’s lads were 13-13 after 17 ends and then managed to drop a 3, 6, 3 (double aargh) which was a real shame having been so close.  So a win for King George Field.

However, in the afternoon, we played KGF in a mixed friendly and secured a win!  Great game which we won on shots although lost 1-3 on rinks.  Well played Norman’s team on rink 2 who won top rink!

Joan H, Ange, Joan O’N & skip Norman


What a Time for Brian N to do a Wrong Bias …..

Greg Harlow was greeted at the Club this morning by Brian delivering a wrong bias with the new set of bowls he’d bought from Greg at Potters last month!

Brian asked who had ‘sneaked’ on him and Greg said it was him!  Not every Wrong Bias Club bowler can claim to have a certificate signed and awarded by the World No.1!  That one will be getting framed!

Greg had made his way down to Twickenham following discussions with Ange and the ABC Clinic whilst she was at Potters.