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Saturday 13th July – Ladies Top Club – Whoopee – Regional Semi-Finals Here We Come!

The Ladies had a great win over Holtwhites on Saturday putting them through to the Regional Semi-Final playing Baldock Town away on Wednesday 24th Jul are through to the Area Semi Final of the National Top Club competition


The team who beat Holtwhites were:-

Singles – Dawn

Pairs – Ann & Ange

Triples – Sarah, Nadine & Jean

Fours – Audrey, Stella, Corale & Cathy

With at least one person down for the Semi, we are lucky enough tohave Rita McD who will move up from Reserve to play.


National & Middlesex Competition Updates

Firstly Congratulations to Cathy Taylor who had two good wins in the MIddlesex Singles quarters and semi-final putting her through to the County Final and on to represent Middlesx in Leamington in August.  It’s a great achievement

Audrey had a good run in the Middlesex Unbadged Singles but just couldn’t find the green early enough in her quarter final, leaving her too big a gap to catch up.

Ann & Cathy made it to the quarter finals of hte Middlesex Singles and Audrey & Ange made it one round further into the semi-finals but both were knocked out by Frances & partner from North Greenwich.

Ann is through to the Area Final of the National Senior Singles, playing 2017 Middlesx Finalist Elaine from Hurlingham Park.  A win would take her up to Leamington.

Laurence is through two rounds of the Middlsex Men’s Singles and is into the 5th round.  Opponent to be advised.

Norman & Laurence were pipped by 1 little shot by Robin Innes & partner in the Area Semi-Final of the Senior Men’s Pairs.  Such a shame and a repeat of the 2017 result.

Still to go, Dawn won her Middlesex Champion of Champions match v Rita from Staines and plays Marion B from Ashford next week.

Laurence & Dawn play their Middlesex Mixed Pairs v a Masionian Pair next Thursday 18th and Ange joins Dave Pitt to play Middlesex Mixed this week.

Ladies Top Club – Saturday 13th July at home v Holtwhites


Middlesex and National Competition Updates

It’s been quite a week!

Last weekend, Ange & Dawn lost their National Senior Pairs on Saturday morning and Sarah lost her re-arranged Unbadged Singles.

On Saturday afternoon, Ange won her re-arranged Unbadged Singles and Laurence & Dawn won their Middlesex Mixed Pairs v Kevin & Chris from Hampton.

On Sunday morning, Jean, Ann & Cathy lost their quarter-final of the Middlesex Triples to West Ealing (all down to the last end when Megan trailed the jack right to the back of the rink and Sue followed it up with another couple of shots), but Ange, Sarah & Dawn beat Winchmore Hill.  They subsequently lost to Holtwhites in the semi (having been up for 12 ends, then Holtwhites changed the mat length – drat.  It was 16-16 at 16 ends but our opposition played the last two ends better than we did), Holtwhites, last year’s winners, West Ealing (who beat Fordbridge Park) in the Final.

On Sunday evening, Sarah & Dawn lost to Marion & Carol from Ashford back on the Ashford green, which, to be honest, was quite different from Holtwhites.

On Monday evening, Audrey & Ange took our Sunday night opponents out of the competition, so Audrey & Ange are through to the County Pairs Quarter-finals.  Also through are Ann & Cathy who beat Jean & Nadine.

Audrey beat Nadine in the Middlesex Singles, Cathy beat Cassie (Sunbury) and Dawn lost to Anna from Ashford – back on that green again!

Laurence & Norman had a walk over from Roger Leatherby in the National Men’s Pairs.

Both Audrey and Ange won the next round of the Unbadged Singles.  Audrey plays Anita (Sunbury but CP indoors) and Ange plays Carol K (Bishop Duppas, who beat Sarah).

Norman, Jean, Nadine & Brian N plus Laurence, Richard H, Dawn & Ann narrowly (by 2 shots!) beat Hayes in the Tony Allcock Over 60’s Mixed Double Rink.

Tomorrow (Saturday), Ann, Jean, Nadine, Cathy & Dawn are all in the Middlesex team playing Surrey at Sutton BC  in the John’s Trophy.

On Sunday, there is a Men’s Richmond & Barnes Double Rink away at Mid Surrey at 10.00 am but in the afternoon, Cathy, Nadine, Jean & Ann are one half of the Middlesex Walker Cup team playing Kent.  The match starts at 1.30 pm, so do come along and watch.  Think the weather should be ok.

All go!

Sunday 9th June – Mixed Friendly v Sunbury

Well done to the team who had a good victory over Sunbury yesterday.  Top rink was skipped by David Hale.

It was good to see several indoor members in the Sunbury team.  Always adds to the banter on the green.  An extra special well done to Bernard who subbed for Sunbury and played the game of his life (according to Laurence who was his opposing skip!)

Thanks to Roy for setting up the green and Audrey, Bernard & Laurence for organising the teas.

Thanks to Roy and Audrey for turning the green after the match in Terry’s absence.

County & National Competition Updates

Norman & Laurence beat a Staines’ pair during the week in the National Senior Pairs and now play Roger L & partner from Sunbury on 12th at home.  They also have to play them in Middlesex Men’s Pairs – watch this space for dates

Norman, Laurence, Joan O’N & Dawn took on but lost Paul Cater & his West Ealing team in the National Mixed Fours.  They go on to play Steve G, Tricia, Mike & Tina C in the next round.

Ange, Nadine, Ann & Jean had a convincing win in the Middlesex Senior Fours and now play in the Middlesex Final on 20th July against Kay Stockley & team.  The winners go off to Leamington to the Nationals in the first week of August.  Good luck girls!

Cathy, Ann, Jean & Nadine and Sarah, Sheila, Ange & Dawn faced each other in the quarter finals of the Middlesex Fours at Ashford on Saturday 8th.  Despite a slow start, Dawn’s fours crept back up and, at one point were 14-12 up!  At 14 ends, it was 14-14 then the more experienced team crept away for a 24-17 win.  It was dropping the 6 that did it – drat!  Good game though.  Ann and team went on to beat the Ladygate team skipped by Mandy S and won that comfortably.  So, another Middlesex Final for the Fours.

After a good entry in the Middlesex Ladies 2 Bowls Singles, Joan & Lucy lost their first rounds, Nadine & Audrey lost in the second round and Ange lost in the 3rd round whilst Dawn and Ann H secured their places in the last 16 after 3 matches.

Ann beat Jan P from Bishop Duppas then had a close match v Pam W from Winchmore Hill.  At 13-13 going into the 21st end, Pam was holding shot and Ann was a tad shorter.  Pam’s second wood clipped Ann’s bowl in for shot.  Match over.  It can be such a cruel game.  Dawn had a good win against Tina C from Bishop Duppas, then went on to play Anne P from Cockfosters and after a middle-game wobbly, Dawn won, earning a place in the semi-final against Ann H.  CP are destined to play each other in these comps!  With another change of rink, it took a while to try and get to grips with it but, although Ann played a brilliant draw final bowl on the 21st end, it did not take the jack to her second bowl, so Dawn won by 1 shot!  In the Final on 20th July, Dawn now plays Dawn R from Rosedale Park who beat Hannah H from Holtwhites.  Both Dawns have earned a place representing Middlesex in the National Championships.

In the Middlesex Pairs on Monday 10th, Audrey & Ange play Isobel & Pauline H at Bishop Duppas; Ann & Cathy are away to Liz & Sally at Fordbridge Park; Nadine & Jean are away to Eileen L & partner at Sunbury and Sarah & Dawn are also away – playing Marion B & Carole D at Ashford.  Waterproofs and galoshers at the ready.

Laurence is away to Kevin K at Hampton in the national Senior Singles on Tuesday 11th June.

Ann, Jean & Nadine and Sarah, Ange & Dawn are both through to the quarter finals of the Middlesex Triples to be held at Holtwhites BC on 16th June.

Ange & Dawn managed to beat Ann & Jean in the National Senior Pairs and are playing Kay S from Hurlingham Park at CP at 10.00 am on Saturday 15th.  Laurence & Dawn then go off to play Kevin K & partner in the Middlesex Mixed Pairs in the afternoon.

The Tony Allcock Over 60s Mixed Double Rink is against Hayes at CP at 6.00 pm on Thursday 20th June.

Ann & Dawn face each other in the National Singles on 24th June.

On 26th June, the Ladies Top Club team are home to Ladygate at 5.30 pm.

Dawn had a win v Marion B in the National Champion of Champions and is awaiting her next opponent.

Laurence has to play Rob H from Ashford in the Middlesex Singles.  Date awaited.

We all seem to be very busy, don’t we?!

Middlesex Competions – Ladies Results so far …

Ann & Cathy, Ange & Audrey, Jean & Nadine and Tricia & Dawn are all through to the next round of the Pairs playing on 10th June – two of which will be at CP. Both Fours’ teams (Ann, Jean, Nadine & Cathy and Sarah, Ange, Sheila M & Dawn) are through to the quarter finals at Ashford on 8th June where they face each other!
Jean and Dawn’s triples teams are through to the next round on 30th May – both away games.

The next round of the Ladies’ Double Rink will be this Saturday morning (25th) at 10.00 am v West Ealing – one rink home, one away – supporters welcome at both venues!

The Tony Allcock Over 60s Mixed Fours Double Rink resulted in a win for Cambridge Park against Bishop Duppas.  We now go on to play Masonians – hopefully on 6th June.

Middlesex Johns Trophy team members just announced for the first match include Ann, Jean, Nadine, Cathy & Dawn. First match is v Bucks on Saturday 1st June at Cambridge Park at 1.30 pm Supporters and spectators very welcome!

The Men’s competitions start a bit later!

Dawn & Laurence lost their match v Ashley and Tina in the National Mixed Pairs but are now looking forward to joining Norman & Jean in the Mixed Fours.  No opponents announced as yet.

Tuesday 14th May – Mixed v Imber Court – Match Report

From Captain of the Day, David Hale:

On a lovely sunny May afternoon, a very enjoyable game of bowls was played at Imber Court. Unfortunately, the result was not quite what we wanted with a 54 – 59 loss overall, two rinks losing and one rink winning.
The rink scores were
                                 CP.            Imber
Roy Ebinezar        14              17
David Hale            12              20
Dave Southey        28             22
We look forward to playing Imber Court again on 30th July