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Saturday 20th January – Mixed Friendly v London Welsh – Home at 2.00 pm

Our resident Italian vocalist, Luigi, dons his London Welsh bowls shirt on Sunday as his team take on Cambridge Park in the mixed friendly.  2.00 pm start.

We’re expecting a song at the end of the meal, Luigi!


Steven K, Brenda D, Frances D & skip Laurence

Ange, Alan B, Bob D (welcome back!) & skip Barry

Ann B, Ranjani, Ann D & skip Archie

Ray V, Sheila M, Amanda & skip Dawn

Reserves:  George H & Joan H

Match Captain:  Laurence

Match Fee:  £9.50 inc Roast Chicken meal and desserts

Whites with Club Shirts

Saturday 19th January – LD Memorial v King George Field at 10.00 am & Mixed Friendly at 2.00 pm

Come along and support our chaps who play KGF in the second round of the Leonard Denny Memorial Trophy.  One team home, one away starting at 10.00 am

Home:  David S, Laurence, Norman & Peter T

Away:  Barry, Brian N, David H & Kevin K – supporters welcome at King George Field too!

In the afternoon, we play KGF in a mixed friendly starting at 2.00 pm


Laurence, Frances D, Terry & skip George

Bernard, Linda M, Dawn & skip Peter T

Berry, Bob D, Reg & skip Jean S

Joan H, Ange, Joan O’N & skip Norman

Reserves:  Audrey, Ann B, Ray & Ranjani and Sheila M

What a Time for Brian N to do a Wrong Bias …..

Greg Harlow was greeted at the Club this morning by Brian delivering a wrong bias with the new set of bowls he’d bought from Greg at Potters last month!

Brian asked who had ‘sneaked’ on him and Greg said it was him!  Not every Wrong Bias Club bowler can claim to have a certificate signed and awarded by the World No.1!  That one will be getting framed!

Greg had made his way down to Twickenham following discussions with Ange and the ABC Clinic whilst she was at Potters.

Potters Tour – 26th-30th November – The Tourists Return!

We’re back and had a great week overall!

Accommodation, food and entertainment were brilliant as last year.

A big thanks to Laurence who organised the extra curricular activities and without whose help with the spreadsheet, I would have been unable to work out all the discounts etc.  He also went to the bank to get enough small notes and change for us to give you your ‘pocket money’ on the Monday morning!

Well done to Andy K, George, Maureen K and Ray for reaching the last 16 of the competition; to Ann & Brian H, Budgie & Dave Pitt for reaching the Quarter-finals and for Laurence, Tina & Mike C with me on being runners up, although I barely contributed to our success all week.  (I think I left my bowling skills at Cambridge Park!)

We are sorry we didn’t perform better in the final but the Disability Bowls England team were absolutely fantastic.  It was a relief to find out they were all internationals and are coached regularly.  It shows us what we need to do to become a lot more consistent bowlers, especially under pressure!  They were such nice chaps too – very gracious and fun.

Well done to Dave P who defeated John D in the final of the CP Table Tennis Competition and to Terry M & Kevin K who defeated Stella & Ted M in the final of the CP Table Football Competition extremely well organised by Laurence.

Next year’s Mid-Week Festive Break is 25th-29th November so put it in your diary now.  There will be a sign up sheet after Christmas.  We have rooms booked and the Dolphin Autos coach also booked!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our gift.  It is very humbling to be shown such kindness.