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Day 16 – National Lockdown Countdown – Beryl, oh Beryl!

Another day checked off the 28 day countdown.  It still looks a bit dodgy for after 2nd December but, anyway, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Beryl Bassham’s daughter emailed on her behalf yesterday …

Beryl started off her bowling career at Priory Park BC in Kew which, alas, closed after the summer of 2018.  She went on to join Cambridge Park 35 years ago.

“In those days, ladies were required to wear white hats and gloves as part of their match-day attire.  Beryl was walking from home to meet with Margaret Barnes enroute one match and impressed a passer-by who commented ‘You look so smart dear, which airline do you work for?’


Day 19 – National Lockdown Countdown

We’re in the teens!  Hoo-bloomin’-ray!

Chatted to a couple of people over the last few days and we all felt this lockdown was dragging more than the first.  Maybe it’s because we’re not having to make a definite time to dash to the shops to buy food?  How about you?

Margaret B rang.  She has loads of local history to go towards the centenary. Margaret joined the Club in 1995 following an ad for an Open Day on LBC!  That sounds so avant garde for a bowls club in the 90s.  She came along and was subsequently coached by Bill Holmes and I apologise because I’ve forgotten the name of the other gentleman – was it Cudmore?  Betty Carter also joined from the LBC ad.  The Ladies section was very formal – blazers, skirts hats, gloves were de rigeur for friendly matches!

Cast your mind back.  Why did you start playing bowls?  Were you inspired by your grandparents?

If you haven’t ventured outside yet, it’s showery but not cold – not as cold as it should be for mid November anyway.  Take 10 minutes to walk to the end of your road and back, if nothing else.

First of the three meals-on-wheels run tomorrow (Sunday).  If any of you would like to join the list for next Sunday, please let Ange or me know.  We can be very childish and ring your doorbell and run away (having left your meal on the doorstep) !


Day 24 – National Lockdown Countdown

Has it really only been 4 and a bit days since we closed?  Feels like a month!  Good to socially distance bump into Eileen and Alan J and grandson in Osterley Park yesterday.  The leaves are falling from the trees but there is plenty of space to walk around and the cafe is open for take away hot drinks and biscuits, but you have to stand up to drink as there are no tables or chairs.

After all the hype over the US election, today has been a bit of a slow news day, although the agreement to provide school meals throughout the Christmas holiday period is good.

I saw Father Christmas and assorted reindeer and snowmen outside a house on the London Road at lunchtime, no doubt waiting for the dark to descend so the lights could go on.  I’m not sure it will make the lockdown pass any quicker but at least there will be something cheerful to look at as you go past.

Hopefully Peter and Lyn C will be putting their display up again outside their house.  They raise a fantastic amount of money for cancer support in donations every year.  We’ll let you know when they’ll be ready to view.

Talking of evenings drawing in, here’s the link to the online edition of Inside Bowls which you may like to browse through over a cup of tea or something.

Here is your link to the November 2020 edition of Inside Bowls, the official publication of World Bowls:

Day 25 – National Lockdown Countdown – Remembrance Sunday

2020  A year when everything has changed

What hasn’t changed is that millions gave up their lives for us today.  Our parents, grandparents and other relatives fought for us in two world wars and other more recent battles striving for peace and freedom.  We cannot thank them enough.

In 2020 doctors, nurses and key workers across the world are fighting on our behalf to beat Covid-19.  We have witnessed courage, determination, sacrifice and kindness at closer hand.  They still need our support to beat the virus.  We cannot thank them enough either.

Today we can remember those who we have loved and lost, whether it be 100, 75, 50, 25, 5 or less than 1 year ago and thank them for shaping and touching our lives.

For those who play indoors, we learned yesterday that Peter Hind passed away in his care home in Suffolk last weekend.  A kind and gentle man and our thoughts go out to his family at this sad time.

Day 26 – National Lockdown Countdown – Sunny Saturday

I seem to have been out all day so apologies that this come so late in the day, although I am sure you’re not all sitting around waiting to see what pops up next.

Hasn’t the weather been brilliant today?  It wasn’t busy in Richmond at 9.00 am but I have just returned from walking through Syon Park around Brentford Lock and back and there are lots of people out walking, on bikes and in groups of more than 2 – how does that work out under current restrictions?  Is it me?

The outdoor green looked lovely and most of the worms must still have been in bed by the lack of multiple worm casts and birds, although it was about 8.30 am.  I presume the indoor green looks the same as it always does.  Shame we can’t have closer look with bowls!


Day 18 – Tier 2 – Today is Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate Day

Why is that, you ask?

Well today, you can go out for elevenses and sit socially distanced with friends at a table.  From tomorrow (assuming the lockdown is formally approved in the Commons this afternoon), you will only be able to get take-aways and have to stand somewhere to drink and/or eat with only one other person, if you are outside.

If you’re near the club, pop in and make a donation for a Mars Bar, Nature Crunch Oaty Bar or a 2-biscuit pack to go with said hot drinks!

The sun is shining and it’s definitely several degrees cooler, so wrap up and dig out the gloves.  I had a distinctly chilly walk back from the club this morning but it was really beautiful!

Day 12 – Tier 2

As no one is admitting to an electric blanket, I’ll go back to bowls.  Namely the English Bowls Coaching Coaching Scheme Handbook from 1980.

The Shots of the Game

The draw shot has a numer of valutaionts – position; trail; rest; block; yard-on; wick 

(Apparently you don’t admit to playing a ‘fluke’ shot but just apologise!)

The Rest Shot:

This is a draw shot played with slightly increased pace so that you ‘rest’ your opponent’s bowl from a favourable position and occupy that position with your own bowl.  Your incoming bowl must punch your opponent’s aside or forward but remain still in the favourable position.

You hve to apply just the right amount of force to your bowl to play this shot well.  Your target is your opponent’s bowl and working back from it, you must establish the corregt line of delivery and the correct shoulder.  Good folllow through along the line of delivery will help our accuracy and ensure that your bowls is delivered with sufficient pace.

‘Tap and lay” or ‘rest this bowl out’ seem to be the instructions at Cambridge Park.  It is a very useful shot and you can watch several members play this very successfully at the club (when we’re all playing that is).  It’s a good shot to practise on your own too (in current playing times).

The Glossary of Bowling Words is quite interesting in the little handbook and I shall save those for another day.