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H M the Queen

What terribly sad news to hear that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has passed away.  What an amazing life she has led.  You cannot fault her commitment to her duty to the country and its people.   We may not have known her personally, but she has always been there.  For many, she has been the ‘constant’ throughout all our lives.  A huge loss.

Our deepest sympathies go out to her family.  May she rest in peace, united with Prince Philip.

Thanks for Your Support

Thanks to everyone who send messages of good luck and support yesterday.
I managed to beat my opponent from Leicestershire to reach the last 32.
my second match was v Morgan Merryweather from Isle of Bohemia (yes it is in the UK – Berkshire to be precise).
mirgan started strongly so I was on catch up the whole game. On the 18th end, both of us thought my second bowl was nestling in nicely in front of her shot wood but then it did an extra roll and went behind. On the 19th end, I was wise of a draw with my first bowl, then narrowly missed taking the jack back with my second giving Morgan 1 shot and the match. I needed 5 and they were only 4 available from ends 20 & 21!  C’est la vie.

Terri Watkinson played Cornwall in her first match and also fought her way back from behind to go into the final end at 13-13. Terri’s first bowl went through about 5’ and her opponent put her first bowl within a few inches of the jack, leaving Terri a very accurate pressurised shot if she was going to win. Alas, it wasn’t to be.
Neither of us let our club or County down. Phew! (The last thing you want to happen at Leamington is to look a muppet!)

despite my prediction, Lincs beat the Oxon Ladies team in the fours final.

It was good to bump into Maurice Byron as he was heading off to play in the Tony Alcock Trophy  alas, his team went down 32-34. You could say it was a close game, unlike two of the others who struggled to reach half of their opponents’ scores

Today, Paul Cater from West Ealing and Glen from Hendon start their two bowl challenge. We had buckets of rain overnight and, although the Met Office app does not predict any rain before 4.00 pm, it is very overcast this morning and maybe the day for a fleece.
Good luck to both chaps.

Quarter-Finalists & Semi-Finalists

Well done to Tina, Ann, Cathy & Nadine who made it through the quarter-finals of the National Fours yesterday. They came up against a very strong Oxon team who are probably the favourites, but as “it’s all in the day”, you never know what will happen!

Terri Watkinson (Bush Hill Park) and Dawn start their Two Bowl Singles challenge this morning. The night’s rain has passed over and the sun is out. I’m sure the rain will have slowed the green down for the first matches.

On Saturday, Sarah & Lucy played Dave P & Gary in the semi-finals of the South Middlesex Australian Pairs competition but, sadly, they lost 16-19. Still a very creditable account of which Sarah & Lucy can be proud.
South Middlesex Finals Day is at Cambridge Park on Sunday 18th September, so mark the date in your diary.
We will know quite a few people playing including Steve, Tricia, Jean & Norman in the Mixed Fours and the same minus Tricia in the Mixed Triples.
Kevin K, Richard D & Bill R from Hampton also feature in more than one final.

Again … More Good Luck Tina, Cathy, Nadine & Ann!

This afternoon our four girls represented Middlesex in the National Fours Championships and they won their first round!

They’re good.

We know they’re good.

Bowlers don’t get to enjoy the excitement and adrenaline at Leamington unless they’re good!

And it’s a real honour to represent your County at the National Championships

Well done on sending lots of confidence vibes their way. Please do it again in the morning when they play a four from Acle (just down the road from Potters), Norfolk.

National Championships – Junior & Seniors!

Good luck to Megan Hunt from West Ealing in the Junior Singles at Leamington. Her first opponent is from Bucks.

Further up the age range, Hannah Hollis & Sue Apperly from Bush Hill Park, having won their Regional Final, face Yorkshire this morning the Over 55 Senior Pairs.

The Middlesex Executive will be dashing between matches giving them lots of support.

Good luck to Yaz from Egham in the Junior Singles too. A lot of the competitors’ names are just names so it’s good to give support to those that we know who are competing.

A Grand Day Out!

Well done to Brian C and Ange for masterminding the 75 Shot Competition and the Hawaiian BBQ respectively yesterday.

First, the bowls. There were 40+ competitors champing at the bit to get going and four rinks were on a a time.
There were some very tight games when the final ends could have done to either opponent.

As all players were pretty cream-crackered by 4.00 pm so the semi-finals will be played on Saturday 10th September and the Final on Sunday 11th.
The line up is probably Tina Cooper v Barry Langley and Alasdair McWhinnie v Anthony Headland

Midway between all the games, Ange was head chef at BBQ with an assortment of meat, veg, gluten-free burgers , sausages and cauliflower florets with griddled bananas and peaches. Meanwhile Sheila, Karen, Jacqui, Norman and an assortment of other helpers were preparing salads and washing and clearing up.

Margaret Barnes and Shirley Oakes were doing a fine job with the raffle raising funds for next year’s hanging baskets.

Jane was doing a roaring trade behind the bar keeping us hydrated as usual.

Of course the whole day went with a bang because of the turnout of members and friends who came along to support and spectate. Thank you, thank you!

Congratulations to the Middlesex Girls!

After a nip-and-tuck nail-biter, Hannah, Sue & Gerry from Bush Hill Park won their first match 13-12 putting them into the last 16 of the National Triples. They face Hertfordshire’s Welwyn & District team this morning. We wish them another round of success!

Sadly the Ashford boys didn’t make it through their first round but they were there supporting the BHP girls along with other Middlesex supporters. Good to see!

Kylie Jenkins & co and Yaz Hasan & Co also made it through yesterday – with two games played  and we wish them well today too