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Open Evening – Friday 15th October

If you would like to bring any family/friends/neighbours along to the club to ‘have a go’, Friday is a good evening to do it!

There will be members on hand to assist with basic coaching as well as have a bit of fun on the green.

It will start at 6.00 pm and go through to 9.00 pm.  It’s a come-and-go evening.  No one is expected to stay all 3 hours but we wouldn’t stop them!


We’ve added a couple of dates for the diary.  Ange is keen to have a Christmas Lunch/Dinner this year, so this will be in December.  (Eagle-eyed Ray V pointed out that 13th December isn’t a Sunday and we may have finals on 12th.   Thanks, Ray)  We will put a list up on the board when we have worked out the cost.  Numbers will be limited.

On Monday 27th December, Ange will do her “Cottage Pie & Prosecco” Bowls, so watch out for more details about that too.

Our match in the new year v Met Police has been cancelled.   Their captain of 22 years is no longer able to run the team.  No one else has come forward to take over so they fear that the Met Police Bowls team will cease to exist.  That is very sad.  All bowls clubs need volunteers to step up to keep their clubs going.

Bowls England Podcasts

For those of you who are interested, Bowls England have been producing “The Extra End” podcast.  There are several episodes which you can dip in and out of.

Find them on

They’re quite short episodes, so good interviews with people in world of bowls and assorted bowls related topics.


While thinking about Bowls England, their individual competition entries e.g. Senior Singles, Senior Pairs and Mixed Competitions will be opening early in November.

Norman needs the forms and fees for the Middlesex Competitons back by 20th October not 10th (apologies for making you all rush!).


Weekend and Other News

Great turnout on Saturday afternoon – a full house +1!  We’ll have another roll up this coming Saturday at 2.00 pm.  (Indoor times are on the hour, unlike outdoors, except for the evening session which starts at 6.30 pm to allow those working an extra 30 mins to get to leagues)

Usual morming roll ups Monday to Friday at 10.00 am.

Roll ups also this Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30 pm.

On competition news, Peter T & Di S lost by one shot on the final end of their National Mixed Pairs on Saturday at Egham.  Gym & Dawn are playing another Egham pair on Wednesday at CP at 6.30 pm and Steve G & Tricia are playing yet another Egham pair on Thursday at Egham.

Mixed Fours are coming up – when we’ve fixed the date!  Peter T’s four are playing Dawn’s four, so that will be a home fixture.

It’s a gorgeous morning out there, so get out if you can.  Have a coffee sitting in the sunshine and top up your Vitamin D!


Mike Wise – Funeral Details

For those of you who know Ann and Mike Wise who played outdoors at NPL, there was some sad news via John Dilley this morning.

Mike had a fall at the end of August and while in hospital it was found that the cancer already under treatment had spread much more rapidly than anyone had realised.  He spent the last weeks of his life in a hospice – it was obviously a difficult time for the family.

Ann has played indoors at CP for a few years but I’m not sure if Mike ever did.  We are sending our love and thoughts to Ann and family for their loss.

Mike’s funeral is at 12.30 next Thursday, 14th October, at St Mark’s Church, St Mark’s Road, Teddington, quite close to where Mike and Ann lived together.

Foggy Morning in Richmond Town

A bit of a foggy start this morning, but I’m pleased to report that the sun is now out – in case anyone is still in bed with the curtains drawn.

Roll up this afternoon is very well subscribed.  We will have another next Saturday afternoon and one mid week, to help get you all up to scratch indoors before the leagues and matches start!

There are a few spaces for anyone wanting to play pairs tomorrow morning at 10.00 am.  9 signed up so far.

New pre-Christmas fixture added for 30th October v Chertsey.  There’s a sign up sheet on the board.

See some of you later – about 32 of you!  Tea and cake afterwards and a chance to catch up with friends you haven’t seen for a while.

Cloudy Friday

Great to see so many names up for tomorrow afternoon.
please could you bring your diaries as we have games at King George Field on Wednesday 20th and Egham on Sunday 24th with only a handful of names on the sheet.
Both have meals provided afterwards so no cooking or washing up but of course we have to pay!
Hopefully we’ll have enough drivers to share cars




Wednesday – What a Glorious Morning!

Wasn’t it lovely to get out of bed and see the sun, even if it’s a bit chilly outside.

I’ve had an odd couple of days swatting up for an interview, so apologies for not posting yesterday.

Thanks for everyone who came along last night – 19 in total.  Thanks to Peter J for organising us all and then rolling up on his own so everyone else was involved in triples for the evening.

There are 26 signed up for Saturday afternoon – that’s brilliant!   We can accommodate 32 without having to swap in and out.

The mixed friendly v King George Field away is on Wednesday 20th October.  I knew Thursday didn’t look right!  If you can play and can take a couple of team members in your car, that would be really helpful.  KGF now have caterers, so there will be a meal afterwards (So, no cooking or washing up for those playing!  Whoopee.  I’m in!).  Match fee is £8

Steve has put a sign up sheet for the Men’s London & Southern Counties Challenge Shield v Herga.  It’s 4 rinks of men – 2 rinks home, 2 away.  Saturday 27th November is the play by/on date and I think that is the date we’re heading for, so please sign up if you’re available.

Good to know that your positive thoughts have been working as a couple of our hospitalised members are now at home and on the mend.  Sending more good wishes their way as well as to Ange who is still hobbling, so can’t play at the moment.

With the weather looking so lovely, I’m off to Wakehurst Gardens to wallow in autumn colours – and mud, probably!

Enjoy the roll up this morning for all going.

Monday Again!

Well that weekend went by quickly.  We had a very good turn out of 21 on Saturday afternoon at the roll up.  It was good to see new members, new-to-indoor-bowls members and one brand new to bowls altogether! Thanks to Kevin K for organising the 6 x triples and to Stella K who helped Shaf, our brand new bowler and me  Stella was able to pass on tips that she had learned when she started bowling a year ago. Looking at the game with fresh eyes is very helpful. Shaf was definitely getting the hang of it by the end of the session (and managed to hold shot on two ends!).  Then Stella filled in for someone in the triples who had to leave early  She played jolly well too!

There will be another one this Saturday, starting at 2.00 pm.  We will try and get something more competitive – e.g. triples, men v ladies later in the month when there isn’t a match at the weekend and fewer bowls are ending up in the back ditches!  A lot of people have taken a break from the outdoor season and are just coming around to thinking of returning indoors.

The sign up sheets are up for October games.  These include the National team competitions.  Please sign up.  The provisional fixture list is up on the Calendar section of the website.

Monday morning roll up today 10.00 – 12.00.  Quite a few of you have run out of green fee voucher books.  Jane will be there ready to serve you with these and other beverages from 11.30 am until about 1.30 pm.  She will be back again around 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm.

Does anyone work for a flooring company?  We could do with some new lino/non-slip tiles in the bar area to go with the new fixtures and fittings and to wrap around into the sink area.  Carpet (which is what is there at the moment) is very impractical!

Top temp today forecast to be 16C.  You’ll need a fleece/jacket out there but hopefully not an umbrella now this morning’s downpour has gone over..

Saturday Blues?

Surely not!

It’s on the chilly side of ok out there and it’s not raining. You can come for a roll up this afternoon at 2.00 pm  followed by tea and shop bought cakes (sorry, lost my enthusiasm of being in the kitchen).

Have you been or booked to see the 007 film yet?  Any reviews?

How did the Race Night go? and the Macmillan Raffle?  I’m sure some of you have news about those.  Ann, Margaret and Beryl were beavering away in the kitchen.  Jane and Gordon were busy with the glasses – hope the glasswasher started playing ball as well as adjusting to where the stocks are in the refurbished bar area; and Terry was arranging all the furniture when I popped in and Brian & Carol were ready and waiting for the first race!

Please let us all know how it went.

There’s the Quiz Night on Friday 29th October to look forward to, so start swatting up!

Whatever you are or are not doing today, I hope your Satuday is good.


Take an  umbrella when you go out!

Morning roll up at 10.00 this morning.  If you can get there by bus or you have petrol, go and enjoy yourself on the indoor green, or just go for a social chat.  Bar will be open from 11.30 am.  I wasn’t there yesterday, but hopefully the refurbishments are just about complete.