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Morning Roll Ups Now Start at 10.00 am

Having realised that people were arriving at 10.00 am then waiting for the 10.30 am slot, it seems much better to return to 10.00 am – 12.00 pm turn up and roll up mornings.

Please, please, please sign in on the Track & Trace sheets as most of you will not have booked rinks online and we need to keep records of who is in at the Club.

Keep up the hand washing and sanitising and if you use the accessible loo, please disinfect afterwards.  There is a disinfectant spray in there as well as hand towels.  (Seat, flush button, soap top and taps)


Cambridge Park-Teddington-Strawberry Hill 3-Way Triples

On Wednesday, we see the first of the 3-Way Triples games at Cambridge Park.  Start time 2.30 pm, spectators welcome.  Each club will provide two triples and a draw will made to see who plays who.

The second round will be on Wednesday 26th August at Teddington at 2.30 pm and the third round will be on Wednesday 2nd September at Strawberry Hill.

Small match fee will be collected by Audrey who will arrange prizes to be awarded after the Strawberry Hill round.


Well done to Colin Hammond from Teddington and to Audrey for organising this.

Sign up sheets for the second and third rounds will be up this week.


PS  Don’t forget to keep washing your hands, using gel and signing in at the Club as we have a Duty of Care for Track & Trace.  Thanks.

Sunday Morning

Well, it’s another glorious morning with the sun shining but doesn’t seem quite so oppressive a heat as the last couple of days.

This morning 8 pairs are taking to the green to battle it out.  There’s no trophy (unless Norman brings one of his teaspoons!) just, 4 good competitive matches.  We’re starting at 10.30 am.  The bar will be open from idday ifyou fancy a cofee or a beer whilst out on your walk.


Yesterday it was a cracking match v Ashford.  Good to welcome Kevin L to his first match for Cambridge Park.  Thanks to Brian N and Dav W who came in at the very last minute for two poorly players.

Lucy H played a blinder.  She could have bow led through her legs backwards yesterday and still been on the jack!  A comfortable win for her with Ange and Gym.  There was another comfortable win for Margaret B (first match this season) ,  Gordond and Dave P; on paper, a heavy loss for Pete T, Kevin and Dave W but it was a very not aggressive but attacking game against  Ashford’s Captain Mark and his team and an honourable draw for Steve G, Brian N & Dawn.

Good to see supporters again with Ann, Terry, Beryl, Corale, Nadine, Reg, Stella, Barry, the new Stella and partner.

Thanks for Gordon in his first Match Captain role and to Jane for keeping us hydrated!

More fun next Saturday v Egham.



Listen to the Rain, Listen to the Falling Rain …

For those of you heading back to work this morning, rain on a Monday is the last thing you want, isn’t it?   However, it is going to dry out later and by the end of the week – Friday – it should be 30C.  The forecasters weren’t brave enough to mention the weekend when we take on Ashford on Saturday afternoon at 2.00 pm.

Yesterday morning the slight drizzle held off and it turned out to be a lovely morning weather-wise and bowls-wise with a 3-0 rink win v Hampton.  Hampton had one bowler in each triple for whom it was their first match.  Certainly Martin on our rink had a great game and didn’t appear to be a novice match player at all!

Good to see Ann H, Nadine, Terry & Ann M, and new member Stella & partner amongst the spectators.

Jane did a good job on the bar with the new till (card payments are preferred to reduce cash handling) and you are now allowed to go to the bar to buy your drinks.  There is signage in place as it’s a one way system – keep left to go in front of the outdoor notice boards, wait to order and pay at the front of the bar, then move to the right to collect your drinks and return to the dining room exit via the indoor noticeboards.  I can hear some of you walking this through in your heads.  Good!

You cannot sit at the bar and have your drink so the stools have been moved to reduce temptation to go back into old habits.

We don’t have a date for opening indoor bowling yet.  We have to ensure all safety measures are in place before you run riot on the green!  Further updates later this week.


Wednesday 15th July – Statement from EIBA …..

It wasn’t quite what I was expecting!

Further to our email regarding the EIBA’s next Guidance update last Friday I, as stated , wish to update you that we have submitted the document to the Department of Culture Media and Sport for their comments and awaiting their reply so that we can release to you.

We expect this to happen over the next 24 hours.

Yours sincerely

Peter Thompson

Chief Executive



Wine and Tomatoes!

This is a very random post!

Brenda D emailed to ask about the cost of the wine.  It is still the same at £2.60 per small bottle (equivalent to 1 x 250ml glass)

Mixed Triples v West Ealing added to Calendar – Saturday 18th at 2.00 pm

You will remember that Dave Willis from Hampton kindly left some tomato seedlings at the club for anyone who wanted any to help themselves. Well here they are TWO tomatoes!   Norman and Ange better watch out as they now have green-fingered competition!!  Send photos of your tomatoes/allotment/garden and I’ll put up as many as I can.

Good News and Congratulation News!

For all those Middlesex Ladies’ bowlers who should have trialled for the Johns and Walker teams in 2020, have been automatically given a trial for 2021.  So, good news for not only Jean, Nadine, Ann, Cathy, Ange & Dawn but also for all our fellow team members.

BUT Congratulations to Ange, who is not only invited to trial (an achievement in itself), but she will be awarded her Middlesex COLTS’ badge after her first county game and will receive her FULL COUNTY badge after her second county game.  With all the successes in various rounds of the Middlesex and County competitions, those gave her more than enough points for the Colts’ badge and the added win in the Middlesex “Old Girls'” Fours reaching Leamington, topped up the number of points for the County badge.  A great achievement after only playing bowls for 3 years!
Well done that girl!

Glorious Monday – The Sun is Shining!

I hope you all had a good weekend and managed to do the odd downpour.  (Mine would have been improved if the bloomin’ router had arrived.  I refuse to pay for hotspot wi-fi any longer!)

We had a great game v Chertsey on Saturday.  It was the first time many of the Chertsey players had been on a bowls’ green since last August and they were so pleased to get out and play!  Their own green won’t be open for another couple of weeks.    I think there was a runaway rink under Dave P‘s skippering and a good win for Steve G‘s team.

Norman’s team were doing ok until we dropped a 6 and Dawn managed to miss a score out on one end so that instead of winning 16-15, we lost 15-16.  Doh!  Norman played well with Terry M’s bowls and Sarah and Dawn were a bit in and out but we were trying, honestly!

It was brilliant to see so many friends coming along to enjoy the sunshine and company – Tony & Shirley O, Terry & Ann M, Reg (many people would be envious of his head of hair – he looks great!), Nadine, Jean, Corale, Beryl B, Brenda D, Colin M & his wife (apologies, I can’t remember her name), Gerry, George, Bob & Frances, Ron & Mo E, Lucy & Merve!  It was difficult to get a photo when they were all there as well as concentrate on playing!

Peter T and Norman exchanged elbow shakes.  Norman was very pleased with the overall win  and  claimed  the  victor’s trophy.  It will be up for grabs again on the re-match.  Might have to have a best of three!  (Apologies the image is rather dark – we did finish before 7 pm, so not quite sure what happened to my phone.)

Laurence was also on a winning roll with his Rock Cakes.  He’ll be making some more for this week!

Geraldine H, Gym and Dawn had a re-match v Kevin K, Richard H & Richard D at Hampton on Sunday morning.  The green was playing very well indeed.  It was just a shame that we three couldn’t match Kevin’s three.  You what it’s like when you don’t get the rub of the green.  We certainly didn’t get it but then again, we didn’t play well enough to deserve it either!  Anyway, Hampton are looking for a home and away triples game on a Sunday.  Please let me know if you would like to play – is Sunday better for you?

Chris C from Teddington saw our recent post and have we are now playing them at CP this Saturday at 3.30 pm.  We have a game v Bishop Duppas away on 4th July and a return at CP on 11th July.  Please let me know if you would like to play.  It would be good to get more of you on the game but if you just want to spectate, that’s fine.  It’s lovely to see you chatting away from a distance.  Maybe by this weekend, you can sit a bit closer!

Strawberry Hill are opening today, I believe.  Good luck to them.  Fordbridge Park only have one playable rink at the moment, but hope to come over and play in August.