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Saturday 4th November – Yetton Trophy v Egham at 10:00

Once again for the umpteenth year (!), we are facing Egham in the 2nd round of the National Yetton Trophy, playing on Saturday morning.  Two rinks will be at home and two at Egham.

Good luck to all the girls playing!


Well done to Dave P & Joyce from Hounslow who beat Peter T & Dawn in the National Mixed Pairs last night.  Only 1 shot in it going into the final end.  Dave played a cracker of a bowl to nudge Dawn’s shot bowl out and Peter’s running bowl decided to take the skinny pathway!.  Oh drat!  One day we’ll beat Dave P & his various partners!

Good luck to Dave & Joyce in the next round.

Foul Weather even for Fowl!

Take care when you go out. Many gutters are full and anyone walking or cycling by are quite likely to get soaked!

Sou’westers, thigh-high wellingtons, windscreen wipers on your spectacles are the orders for the day or, alternatively, shorts and t-shirt … as your skin will dry quicker than clothes!

Tea/coffee/soup/Christmas adverts which have just broken might be a distraction!

Anyway, we hope you all stay safe and dry and keep an eye on your neighbours



Tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick … Falling Back into Sunday and the Egham Trophy

Don’t forget the clocks go back tonight so we get an extra hour in bed.  Hooray!

For those of you playing against Hounslow in the National Egham Trophy, don’t turn up at 09:00 old time just get there for 09:30 new time at your respective venues!

Good luck and both venues welcome supporters.

Alas, we were unable to beat Hounslow but Steve G, Ian D, Frances D & Ann B had a terrific win on their rink and Peter T, Jacqui, Barry & Teresa made an excellent comeback and lost by just one little shot in the final couple of ends.

Good luck to Hounslow in the next round.



Friday 27th October. Dabbers at the Ready!

52 of you have signed up for Bingo, Bangers & Mash under Cambridge Park’s Peter T – an experienced chap with a flourish with the balls and the calls for bingo!

6:00 for prompt 6:30 start. There will be approximately 7 games with the Bangers & Mash cooked by Ange appearing at half time when you’ll definitely be in need is sustenance!

The bar will be open all evening

In this occasion any extra funds will go into the Club

Have fun!


And Autumn Work Did Indeed Start on the Outdoor Green


Meanwhile indoors Olive made a great start to switching to the different surface. It took a few ends (as it did with returning indoor veterans) but she did it!

While on the other rink, Paul was also getting to grips with the less-physical-more-mental idea of delivering a bowl.
We have assured them by mid October they will get used to the pace and not have time to go and make a cup of tea while the bowl is travelling to the other end of the green!  (It does feel like that at first. )