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Club Open Triples – 11th & 12th March

From Stella and the Club Competitions Team …


THE DRAW AND SESSION TIMES ARE ON THE COMPETITIONS BOARD AND BELOW (There are a couple of substitutions to the original draw which are not shown below.)



f.i.  Stella & Barry are going off to test out Potters Five Lakes Resort this week – we look forward to their report!

Great Middlesex Pairs Win This Morning

Well done to the 2 Ps (Peter Twells & Peter Judge) who beat Jason Lyttle & Dave Baxter from Century this morning.  They came from 4 shots behind on the 13th end to win on the 21 end by 4 shots to gain a place in the South Area semi-final.  The heads were pretty hot on every end changing hands within the ends. Our boys went ahead 14-13 on the 16th end.  I think if Jason and Dave (both tried) had one of their running bowls making contact with Peter J’s bowls, maybe the game would have gone the other way.  However, it didn’t and the boys should be proud of themselves on a very good win!

Once Andy H & WIlliam have played Peter Wilcock & partner (also from Century), we will know if Cambridge Park are guaranteed one finalist.  Go boys, go!


Yellow Weather Warning

Brrrr. Alexa says it’s 2C now (05:00 am) and snowy, and rising to 3C today. It sounds heavier than snow whatever is hitting the bedroom skylights.

So this is just a warning to wrap up warm and watch your feet when you go out. We don’t want any broken wrists/arms/hips.

I feel sorry for the daffodils who were just ramping themselves up to shout “Spring is here” from their yellow trumpets and giving us something to look forward to. Now they have to try and stay upright shivering in their thinly clad leaves. Like us, they need to stay positive and await some warmth from the sun and the days getting longer  and the outdoor season arriving in a couple of months.

Stay safe all of you.

Congratulations are in Order!

Well done to Tina, Mike, Tricia & Steve who had a good win over Peter T, Ian, Di & Dawn in the semi-final of the MIddlesex Mixed Fours last night.  It was neck and neck and 10-10 after 10 ends, then the first named four went ahead.  A good shot with an unlucky result for Steve then put us back in the game 17-19 after 17 ends.  Do you think we could pinch one or two shots on the 18th end.  You know there are “holes for bowls ……” *sigh*

Anyway, Tina, Mike, Steve & Tricia deserved their win – a reverse of last year’s semi-final – and we wish them well in the final at Glebelands on 15th April.


Mke & Tina are back on the green tonight playing Barry & Teresa in the Club Mixed Pairs.  That’ll be a good game to watch.

Dave P had a good win in the Club Two Bowl Singles v Kevin K.

Don’t forget the next deadline for club comps is 19th March.

More Wins!

Well done to Peter T, Peter J, Kevin K & Andy H who had a very tight MIddlesex Fours v Andy K & Co from Hounslow winning on the final end.
Between us, lots of our matches are going to the wire!  That’s good. We’re all improving.
it was also a Club win v our friends from Hampton yesterday. Top rink was Mike C, Tina C, Corale & Dan. Congratulations!

Yesterday gave Mike the first chance to award a Wrong Bias Club Certificate to Bill Rush! Such was the concentration on getting a good shot into the head, Bill forgot to turn the bowl round. Oops!

Tuesday – Match Updates – Updated!

Following our successful Over 50’s National Triples results, we have some more localised results.

Alas, Steve G’s triples lost their MIddlesex comp but Dawn won her MIddlesex Singles v Angela Frankland and the Two P’s (Twells & Judge) won on the last end of their Pairs at Herga.
The report said they were 6-18 down after 12 ends, crept back up to 19-19 on 19th end when they dropped a 2 to a somewhat flukey shot, so went into final end 19-21. They pulled the cat out of the bag with a 4 on 21st end to win 21-23.
great result, chaps!  They now face David Baxter & Jason Liddle from Century at CP in the quarter final.

Audrey is heading off to The Lawns to play Sandra Williamson-Mills – bit of a trek by public transport.
Dawn gets to play Tina, who had her Singles win v Barbra Bogan last week. I’m guessing that will be at CP too even though it’s a semi final and we won’t need a neutral green.

Andy H has reported that he & Will beat Glenn & Nick from Century  in the Middlesex Pairs last night 24-16. Great result!
They are at CP on Saturday in the Men’s Fours and hoping for a similar result!

News on Wendy King

Some of you will remember Wendy King (she left at least 11 years ago) and Gerry had news from her daughter.  For any of you would would like to respond, please email Gerry and he will pass your messages on.

Hi guys – first of all thank you for your concern about Mum and secondly, I apologize for not replying sooner.
Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2019. It wasn’t something that she wanted people to know about initially and even now she denies having it!!!! Obviously it’s not something that gets better, only worse. Her macula degeneration is a lot worse now too. Physically she has problems walking and generally getting about because of arthritis in her feet and vascular issues in her legs. So that’s the bad news.
On good days she talks about going back to bowling but in truth that will never happen. On occasion the old Wendy is still there but more often than not that person has gone.
She is still living with us at the moment although I think the time is coming when she will have to go into care. I feel very out of my depth a lot of times, looking after her.
She goes to a day Centre twice a week which she enjoys – when she comes home she never remembers what they’ve done but she knows she’s had a nice time, which is good.
We moved from New South Wales to Queensland last September and have now bought a house here. It has a swimming pool so I try and get her in there as often as possible just so she can exercise. She often complains it’s too cold!!!! Queensland is very hot!!!!
Anyway that’s an update for you all.
I will let her know that you’ve sent emails asking after her, I’m sure she will be very pleased.
I will try to keep you posted with any changes.
Thank you again for being her friends.
Much love