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Another Handkerchief Required – Allan Farnden

Sadly, Alan lost his health battle on Tuesday 7th August.  The funeral will be on Wednesday 29th August.  11.00 am at Hanworth Crematorium with refreshments afterwards to celebrate his life, share memories and anecdotes and support Val.  (There will be no morning roll up this Wednesday.)

He was such a lovely gentle giant of a man with an impish sense of humour even on the days he was feeling rough.  Val has been a wonderful carer for him and we send her our deepest sympathies and warmest hugs.

A Win then a Loss for our Girls in Leamington

Well done to Jean, Nadine, Ann & Cathy who won the Middlesex Fours to secure a place at the National Championships in Leamington again.

As defending champions, they were the team to beat!  They had a convincing win of 25-8 against Durham B in the first round but, alas, couldn’t quite cut the mustard in round 2 and went out to Suffolk B.  Our other Middlesex Four from West Ealing also suffered the same fate.

Their opponents from last year’s final from Surrey, also went out in the second round.  It’s not ” all on the day” for us club players, it happens to everyone at every level.  Bowls is a good leveller and you have to learn to take defeat on the chin – you will always have more losses than wins!

Sunday 22nd July – Mixed v Mackie Bowls

The weekend ended with all six rinks in use again – shows how good the green really is to take that much play over three swelteringly hot days – when we hosted Mackie Bowls (from Brighton) for their annual away-day match.

It was a win for Cambridge Park across the rinks with some sneaking up on their opponents like tortoises crossing the winning line.  There’s nothing wrong with a slow start as long as you don’t leave it too late to catch up!

Some of the non-playing supporters took themselves off down the river – a good place to be in those temperatures while the others enjoyed a cool drink and watching others exert themselves!  It was a lovely afternoon with friendly banter up and down the rinks and only the odd grump – put it down to the heat!

Norman was allowed out of the kitchen and I’m not sure how Kim, Martin,  Kerry, Ellie  and Sam managed to produce dinner for 70 in there without wearing swimming costumes!  Thank you to them and to Dawn, Laurence and Ann behind the bar.

Our next 6-rinker is Thursday 2nd August when the Friends of English Bowling come for a long-planned match.  We’re looking forward to taking them on, although they are a formidable side!

What a Middlesex Weekend that was!

It all started on Friday when the Middlesex Ladies took on Surrey across all 6 rinks.  The groundsman assisted with extra watering from Jane, Terry & Laurence during the previous fortnight, had the green in a fantastic condition with 90% grass visible and only the odd patch of brown.

There were up and down scores across the rinks and Middlesex lost by just one single shot overall.  Margaret, Sheila and Audrey served all the players and officials with teas/coffees on arrival; Kim, Martin, Kerry & Ellie served an excellent meal and Jane and Ann were keeping everyone hydrated with soft and alcoholic drinks from behind the bar.

On Saturday, with the sun blazing down on the green, the Middlesex Ladies had their Finals Day for all the National Competitions.  Although the majority of the finalists in the various disciplines would be heading off to represent the county at the National Championships in Leamington next month, the winners and runners up of the Unbadged Singles and the runners up in the Senior Fours have to be satisfied with County glory!  That’s pretty good in itself!

Singles Championship – Sue B beat Janine – both from West Ealing

Unbadged Singles – Karen Ryan (West Ealing) beat Carol Daines (Ashford)

2 Bowl Singles – Jane P (Broomfield) beat Frankie C (Brentham)

Pairs – Sue B & Megan H beat Janine and Lu – all from West Ealing

Triples – Birthday girl Sue A, Maureen & Sarah from Holtwhites beat Mandy, Angela and Cynthia from Ladygate

Senior Fours – Phil, Elaine, (apologies)   & Kay S from Hurlingham Park beat Wanda, Jo, and (apologies again)  from North London

and last, but not least – the Cambridge Park – Cathy, Nadine, Jean & Ann beat Sue, Lu, Janine and Karen from West Ealing in the not-so-old-girls Fours!

Sarah H had kindly provided Norman with a pinny, oven gloves etc and he cut a dash in the kitchen preparing Ploughman’s Lunches.  Sheila M, Audrey were serving teas/coffees/cake all day and both looked exhausted by the end of the day.  Beryl B assisted Sheila & Audrey in the morning and Rita McD and Sarah H volunteered to help and were roped in for later in the afternoon.  Jane and Ann did a great job behind the bar too.  Laurence & Dawn marked two of the finals as their contribution.

It was lovely that so many people came to support their teams then stayed to enjoy most of the singles’matches before heading off home.  Thank you.

Thanks also to the Middlesex Executive who, without a specific Competition Secretary, all joined forces to run the competitions throughout the season and did all the admin on Finals Day.  On top of all their other committee tasks, they did a grand job and all of us players are very grateful to their diligence and commitment to the County on our behalf the whole year round.

Funeral Details – Rita Fenton, Jean Jacobs, Joe Liddlle

Oh dear, not a good time for friends and families of these three longstanding members.  I’m sorry but I thought it better to put details in one post in order.

Joe Liddlle – Tuesday 24th July at 11.20 am at Hanworth Crematorium with refreshments afterwards at Hampton Bowling Club, where Joe played his outdoor bowls.  Please let Jane W know if you wish to go to refreshments as she will pass the details on.

Jean Jacobs – Tuesday 24th July 1.00 pm at Hanworth Crematorium – for those going for refreshments – please let Jane W know and she will pass details to the family.

Rita Fenton – Wednesday 1st August at 11.20 am at Hanworth Crematorium and afterwards at Cambridge Park BC.  Please let Jane know if you wish to attend

That’s a very sad list of diary dates.  Apologies.

Sunday 15th July – Time to Say Goodbye … to Rita Fenton

We received the sad news that Rita Fenton passed away this morning.  She had been unwell for quite a while and, although she had hoped to bowl indoors again this season, just wasn’t able to make it.

Rita & Martin devoted many, many hours to the club in a multitude of capacities.  They were always very encouraging to new club members and bowlers and personally I learned a lot from them.

Another long term devoted Club member who held various committee positions was Jean Jacobs and she too has concluded her earthly life.  I hope the bowls club in the sky has welcomed this new Ladies’ Pairs with as much as love as they gave and shared here.

Our thoughts, sympathies and love to Martin Fenton and family as well as both Jean’s daughter and family.


Jean’s funeral is on 23rd July.  Details for Rita will be posted soon.

Update from The British Isles Championship in Belfast

Ann, Jean, Nadine and Cathy headed off to Heathrow armed with England uniforms and warmish clothes having seen the Belfast weather forecast!)  and joined the other members of the England squad for the British Isles Championship. 180615 - CP Girls 180615 - England BI Squad  The uniforms look great!

Our girls had a good win in the Preliminary round on Friday morning against Scotland as did the Pairs and the Triples.  Unfortunately England lost their opening Singles and Senior Fours’ matches at lunchtime

Later in the afternoon, the Pairs and Triples teams won their matches putting them into the Finals on Saturday 16th June.  Our girls had a good close fight v Jersey but lost by a mere 4 shots.  A great effort and what an achievement for their CV’s – Played for England and won a match!  Not many bowlers anywhere in the country can claim that!

So, on Sunday they will be returning home and can hold their heads up high.  Well done Ann, Jean, Nadine & Cathy.  We’re very proud of you!

For those who knew Brian Lawton

We learned sadly that Brian Lawton lost his battle with cancer last week.  ‘Mr Mid-Surrey’ and long term member of Richmond IBC fought the disease every step of the way and on courageousness, grit, determination and cheerfulness, he conquered it hands down.  Unfortunately the beast of disease finally caught him.

His funeral will be at Mortlake Crematorium on Tuesday 12th June at 3.20 pm and afterwards at Mid Surrey BC.

We send deepest sympathies to his family and friends and fellow bowlers.  He will be sadly missed by all.

County & National Competitions – Results so far ….

Nadine, Ann H, Jean S & Rita McD are through to the semi-final of the ‘Old Girl’s Fours’ (they’re terminology!) playing North London at Cambridge Park on Friday 8th afternoon.

Ann H, Nadine, Jean S & Cathy are through to the quarter finals of the Middlesex Fours – playing at Bounds Green on Saturday 9th June.

Nadine, Joan O’N & Rita McD are playing Eileen L from Sunbury in 5th round of the Triples on Thursday 7th at CP.

Norman & Laurence are playing Steve G & Mike C in next round of National Men’s Pairs (date to be fixed)

Norman, Laurence, Jean & Dawn are playing next round of National Mixed Fours on Thursday 7th at CP at 6.00 pm againt Steve G, Tricia, Mike & Tina C

Laurence & Dawn are playing Ashley & Wendy from Ashford in National Mixed Pairs at lunchtime on 18th June at Ashford

Cathy & Dawn are playing in National Champion of Champions on Monday 4th at CP at 5.30 pm

Audrey & Dawn are through to last 16 of County 2-Bowl Singles – to be played at Brentham at 10.00 am on Sunday 10th

The Tony Alcock Mixed Double Rink is against Bracknell away on Wednesday 6th at 6.00 pm – it’ll be a tough match!  Norman, Laurence, Brian C, Terry, Jean, Nadine, Ann and Dawn make up the teams.


Middlesex Ladies’ Pairs are in early stages and Singles haven’t started yet but, on the whole, a pretty good start to the Competitions.