Anyone for Tennis?

Apart from a lot of live bowls from Australia which you can find via YouTube and Facebook, the Australian Open Tennis starts this weekend, but Brenda D has said that the ATP warm up tournament in Melbourne is also viewable online.  If you have Amazon Prime Video,  go to Sports and you can watch it live.  Medeved has just taken the first set against Schwarzman 7-5, so a close game.  I am sure there must be other places to find it – maybe YouTube again?

Jamie Murray should also be making an appearance in the Open, although unfortunately Andy had to drop out due to Covid.

Talking of which, I’m not sure if we have any members in the W7 postcode, but stay safe home (and I realise not getting out for a walk will be difficult) and I hope your test arrives quickly and proves negative.

Our thoughts go out to Captain Sir Tom Moore in hospital with the virus, having been suffering with pneumonia before being taken to hospital.  How on earth did he become infected?

Steve G is off for his jab this morning.  We must be nearly half way through our members as regards vaccinations now.  Good!  The sooner we’re all done, the sooner it will become easier to get back bowling when restrictions are eased.  I’m still waiting my first call up for stewarding at a vaccination centre.  Maybe next week will be the week?

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