Bowls on the BBC and a Wolf Moon

Good news for those without Facebook and YouTube as the World Indoor Bowls Championships 2022 will be on the BBC2 untilthe close of the tournament.  It’s on the red button from 10.00-11.30 this morning and even more live on BBC2 from 1.00 – 5.15 pm.  Whoopee!


Anybody heard about the current Wolf Moon?  It’s supposed to be the time when wolves are most active.  You can see it tonight around 6.48 pm.  It’s also the first full moon of 2022.  As it’s going to be a nice clear day, the moon should easily be visible.  By this time next week, we shall have about 10 minutes more daylight.  Can’t wait.  Outdoor bowls will be along before we know it.

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