More Bowls on BBC2 Today

There should be a great match on the red button at 10.00 am this morning with Paul Foster MBE plays Katherine Rednall in the Open Singles.  After that, matches and highlights on BBC2 from 1.00 – 5.15 pm.

Morning: (from 10:00am) – on the red button/YouTube/Facebook

Open Singles – GB-SCTPaul Foster MBE (5) vs GB-ENGKatherine Rednall (Round 2 (16) S19)

Afternoon: (from 01:00pm) on BBC2/YouTube/Facebook

Mixed Pairs – IEGB-ENGSandra Bailie & Mark Dawes vs GGGB-SCTAlison Merrien MBE & Paul Foster MBE (? FINAL (1pm))

Open Singles – GB-ENGMervyn King (9) vs GB-ENGPat Briscoe (Round 2 (16) S18)

Evening: (from 07:30pm)

Open Singles – GB-SCTMichael Stepney (13) vs GB-ENGDavid Bolt (Round 2 (16) S20)

I watched Nick Brett’s match last night and, personally, the commentator with 9 decades of being around bowls just did not cut it for me.  Since the beginning of the championships, there has been one of the players in the commentary box with Jason.  It’s a difficult sport on which to commentate because it’s not necessarily the fastest game around but it does need some upbeat comments.  Perhaps someone should send them some chocolate cake?  That worked for cricket commentators!

How would you approach commentating on a whole match?  Who would you want to partner you in the commentary box?

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