Today’s World Bowls Schedule

I caught up with the Paul Foster MBE/Katherine Jenkins match last night.  If you’ve always been told “bowls is a drawing game”, then this was a demonstration of how how true that statement can be and what brilliant play by both bowlers.  Catch it on YouTube if you can.

Today’s schedule:-

Morning: (from 10:00am) on Red Button/Facebook/YouTube

Open Singles – GB-SCTStewart Anderson (3) vs GB-ENGJamie Chestney (14) (Round 2 (16) S21)

Afternoon: (from 01:00pm) on BBC2/Facebook/YouTube

Open Singles – GB-ENGMark Dawes (1) vs GB-ENGWayne Willgress (Round 2 (16) S17)

Ladies Singles – GGAlison Merrien MBE vs GB-SCTCarla Banks (Semi-Final (LSF1))

Evening: (from 07:30pm)  Not sure about the Red Button, but it will be live on Facebook/YouTube

Ladies Singles – IESandra Bailie vs GB-ENGKatherine Rednall (Semi-Final (LSF2))

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