World Bowls Championships inc Ladies Final

Having delivered a sparkling performance against Paul Foster MBE, Katherine Rednall was not on the same platform against Sandra Bailie yesterday.  “It’s all on the day” you cry.  How true.  Katherine did win comfortably as score levels go, but some ends the heads were like a scattering of marbles.  Sandra didn’t have her best game either so maybe the temperature had changed?  Were the audience going in and out?  All these things can affect the green as we know from Cambridge Park.  You go sailing off and bowls are clustered around the jack then 3/4 way through,  you’re too high, too ‘Vera’, underweight so give it a bit more and go whizzing past the head “a bit beefy” as Gym would say.  It’s somewhat comforting it can happen to the top players in the world too.  They are human and not machines.  To be fair both Katerine and Sandra did play some brilliant bowls that nestled around the jack on a lot of ends, it was that neither weren’t as consistent as we’ve seen them before.

All singles matches in the schedule today with Katherine playing the Ladies Match Play Singles Final v Alison Merrien from the Channel Islands at 1.00 pm on BBC 2.  It should be a great match.  Alison is certainly no stranger to the Ladies Singles Final and has already claimed one trophy this week in the Mixed Pairs with partner Paul Foster MBE.


Morning: (from 10:00am) – on Red Button/Facebook/YouTube

Open Singles – HKKen Chan vs GB-ENGLes Gillet (6) (Round 2 (16) S22)

Afternoon: (from 01:00pm) on BBC2/Facebook/YouTube

Ladies Singles – GGAlison Merrien MBE vs GB-ENGKatherine Rednall (? FINAL (1pm))

Open Singles – GB-SCTAlex Marshall MBE (15) vs GB-ENGNick Brett (2) (Round 2 (16) S24)

Evening: (from 07:30pm) on Facebook/YouTube

Open Singles – GB-ENGGreg Harlow (7) vs GB-WLSJason Greenslade (10) (Round 2 (16) S23)

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