Bright and Sunny …. but Wrap Up!

Just back from the Saturday newspaper loop and met Tricia G en route, so we socially distanced walked into Richmond before going our separate ways.  She is well, jabbed and as fed up with the restrictions as the rest of us!

Caught up with both Reg and George on the phone.  They are also looking forward to the day the club opens again and we can chat face-to-face even for those not bowling.

Brenda D is watching the tennis.  I saw some on Eurosport yesterday morning.  There aren’t any linesmen!  One point was stopped at the service because of a “software fault”.  Maybe it’s all done technically now as with the net cord?  Sad if it goes that way for all tournaments.  It was quite a palava stopping play at 11.30 pm as the stadium had to be emptied of spectators due to the restrictions being imposed from midnight.  It might have helped Djokavic as he was really suffering with an injury near his lower ribs.  When play resumed, the players’ box did their best to cheer but it wasn’t quite the same as it had been 30 minutes previously.

I saw Alex Jones’ tralier on the BBC for Headroom  It covers so many things from mental wellbeing to couch to 5k to baking to crafting to podcasts etc. etc.  Worth taking a look as there really does seem to be something for everyone to look at and investigate.  Unfortunately it won’t help Brenda who is very keen to get back in a swimming pool.

Mean while Ange says  “Gong Xi Fa Cai”!  She assures me it isn’t swearing!

Arsenal are home to Leeds, Chelsea home to Newcastle and Crystal Palace home to Burnley.  Think West Ham are playing tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday

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