Park Lane Stables, Teddington

Think we’d better gloss over this morning’s cricket.  What happened?  Over confidence?

Wales had a great win yesterday which will mean Ian and Luigi will be very happy today but the Scottish contingent will feel robbed. England, however, bounced back with extra verve with their 41-18 win over Italy.  Keep it up lads!

The Australian Open still going apace with Thiem, last year’s runner up, being taken out in straight sets by Dimitrov.  Looks like Djokovic is still playing and will be on later.

Looking considerably closer to home, I came across a plea for the Park Lane Stables in Teddington from the St Margaret’s e-newsletter.

Are any of you familiar with the stables?  Have you used them or know anyone who has?

They are looking to raise £1 million to avoid the stables being sold by the landlord in May when the lease comes up for renewal.  The stables provide learning and training for Riding for the Disabled as well as others and ride in Bushy Park.

We attended the equestrian events at the London Paralympics and I spent most of the time with tears coursing down my cheeks.  The insight and confidence of the trainers to  let someone with almost no mobility on the ground be put on the back of a horse and taught to ride is absolutely unbelievable.  The faith they have in each person and of course the horse is mind blowing.  For some of the events we were not allowed to applause as the horse and rider needed complete silence.  We could only wave.  You could hear a pin drop.  Even from a distance you could see the beaming smile on the faces of the riders as they completed all the tasks.  It was extremely humbling

If you feel you can help out with a small donation towards their cause, take a look on here

There’s all the information about the stables and what they are trying to achieve.



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  1. Shirley Oakes says:

    Good Morning Dawn

    Hope you are well and healthy and thank you again for keeping everyone’s spirits up during the ‘nightmare’
    We have both had our vaccines weeks ago with no ill effects at all.
    Regarding Park lane Stables in Teddington, we know them well in fact one of our grand-daughters who is disabled (you met her once at the Club a few years ago) has benefited from them and has had a few rides. During the Lockdown last year they paraded the horses around the quiet streets of Teddington to say hello to people who came to their doors to wave, it was their way of cheering up people especially children who couldn’t go out to play and have fun.
    Any contribution to this appeal would be gratefully accepted.
    I am continuing my daily exercise of Yoga and Pilates (not the same though as doing it with friends in a class) and Tony is still running twice a week, yes even in this bitterly cold weather.
    I have kept myself busy with baking, mainly for the children in the family and neighbours childrent, after all this extra work my Food Processor has given up the ghost. I can order ‘on line’ but I would really prefer to view first OH WELL !!!
    Looking forward to our Friday evenings at Cambridge Park to chat to friends and have a drink and put the world to rights, hopefully in the not to distant future.

    • D J Slaughter says:

      Thanks for all the info Shirley. I’m so pleased you know about the stables. I hope they get plenty of support.
      All those paralymians had to start somewhere and every opportunity for people to learn something new and increase their confidence is worth it.
      Good to see you and Tony this afternoon albeit briefly and to hear the exciting news for your granddaughter the week after next. Keep smiling!

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