Possibility of Self Catering Breaks from Easter – Whoopee!

Not that I particularly fancy going anywhere where I have to cook but a chance of seeing someone else’s four walls could be the opening we’ve all been looking for.  Good Friday is 2nd April (thank goodness it’s not 1st), so not too long to wait.

Schools opening 8th March – get the teachers vaccinated, please!

It was suggested that wearing a mask inside shops and social distancing could be in place until the end of the year.  It  wouldn’t be such a problem as we’re so used to it.  A small price to pay if we have more freedom elsewhere.

Let’s hope some more positive news comes out this week – although I belive 22nd was mooted for major updates.  We all hope that there may be a way to return to indoor bowls even if it’s just for a few weeks before we go outdoors at the end of April.  Maybe a socially distanced BBQ to celebrate the start of the Club’s Centenary would be possible?

Vaccines are being rolled out for over 65’s this week.  Jonathan H, Ange, Lucy, Sarah and I are getting closer.  Good!

Interesting interview with Djokavic after yesterday’s win saying if it hadn’t been a Grand Slam event, he would have dropped out with his injury.  He was certainly moving considerably better and stretching which he was unable to do on Friday.  The power of mind over matter (wth a bit of help from painkillers).

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  1. Jonathan Horner says:

    I’m still under 65 and was most surprised to be called up for my vaccination today owing to someone cancelling their appointment at short notice. I hadn’t realised that having had a recent heart attack qualified me for the latest phase and was expecting to wait for at least another month.

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