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In my haste to get the post up yesterday before dashing off to work, I forgot to thank Jane behind the bar and Frances, Lucy, Brenda, Bob and the others who helped after the match on Sunday.   Apologies.

This week there are assorted club, county and national competition matches going on both at Cambridge Park and away venues.  Good luck to everyone playing.  Keep  us updated of how you get on.  Two singles competitions today – Andy H plays his county comp at Cambridge Park at 4.00 pm, while Dawn will have her work cut out against Yasmina Hazan at Egham.

For those of you who don’t receive Bowls International, I’ll try and remember to bring my copy to the club as there are ‘framed’ shots from teams at Potters including Joan, Bernard, Stella & Barry; Kevin, Scott, Ray & Carole; and Laurie, Ann, Sarah & Dee.   Lots of smiling happy faces!

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  1. Laurie Gascoigne says:

    Hi Dawn Bought the digital version to see the photo.They must have a different layout for print version as the picture of Cam Park teams not in the digital version
    Two nice pix of you with the organisers that played the celebrity match and the second is of you and the winning team with Greg and Sean Honor

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Laurie
    We can autograph it for you somehow!
    Your photo is in the edition that landed on the doormat yesterday. Issue 491 – February 2022.
    (BTW. I did what you did last month and received the December issue digitally not the January one. Doh!)

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