National Ladies Singles Area 11 Semi-Final

I’d like to report a semi-final win.  Of course I would, but, alas,  it was close but no cigars or anything else for that matter!

We had a tight game with one or the other only scoring 1 shot each end for the first 2/3 of the match.   However, when you’re 12-7 up, it’s not a good idea to drop a 4.  Boo hoo.   Yasmina went ahead, leaving Dawn to play catch up.  Securing a couple of winning ends when Yas was holding match gave a bit of hope , then holding 2 which would have made the end score 18-20 would have been lovely.  It wasn’t to be and Yas drew a perfect bowl to win the match 21-16.

“Good game, good game”, as Bruce Forsyth would have said.  It was a good game and I wish Yas well in the Area 11 FInal in March.

Just a glimpse of this youngster’s bright future indoors and outdoors can be seen in the article below from the Surrey Advertisier in November 2021.  I wish her well in reaching the Nationals at Nottingham this year and the Commonwealth Games in 2026.  I, for one, have every faith in her abilities to attain her goal as do her very supportive family.

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