Dabbers at the Ready ?

Before we get on to dabbing or dibbing, commiserations to Dave P, Andy K, Ray S & Colin H who were neck and neck against their opponents in the last 16 of the National Over 60s Fours at Nottingham, then fell at the final end.  Hounslow were holding two when the opposition number 3 fired and took nearly every Hounslow bowl off the green! Is that fair?!  Dave said he drew short with his first bowl then tried to run his final bowl to ditch the jack (his only option) but, alas, a thin edge off a short bowl ended up with Hounslow dropping a 5.   Still,, it was a great achievement to get to the last 16 in the country.

The World Bowls Tour is being streamed from Stanley and you can watch on Facebook/YouTube if you want to stay in today to keep out of the cold.

So, onto tonight.  About 50 have signed up for Bingo, Bangers & Beans tonight.  (Oh, and peas for some!)  Peter Twells is practising his Legs Eleven or should it be Cricketers 11, Rugby 15, Bowls Triples, Tennis Doubles now that old fashioned phrasing has been tossed out of the window.  Even on Pointless Celebrities on their bingo round they had Two Fat Ladies as the clue for one statement!

There are still raffle tickets available for the wonderful selection of prizes in aid of Cancer Research.  Ann M has done a fantastic job of pulling together hampers/baskets etc as well as selling tickets.  Thank you Ann and glamorous assistant Terry, as well as everyone who is participating.  It wouldn’t work without you!

For those of you not venturing out this evening, get wrapped up for your trip to the club for Finals Weekend.  Don’t bother with breakfast at home as our caterers will be serving up bacon/sausage rolls etc for breakfast and lunches and snacks available from 09:00 to 15:00 both days.   Although some members are making multiple appearances, there are several new names in the finals.  Well done to all.  It’s good to see everyone playing so well.  The depth of strength in the club has increased no end this season.

See you all later.

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