Friday 13th. Unlucky for Some?

Well, we’ll have to wait and see.  There are club games and world championship games and half of those people might feel thery were a bit unlucky in coming second, but maybe it was just that their opposition just had a better day.

Last night Tricia & Teresa were going head-to-head against Wendy & Norma from Egham. Our girls started well, then the others began fighting back and eventually ended up winning.  When the bowlers on the other two rinks finished, the temperature dropped.  In this afternoon’s commentary Nick B said that a green running at 18.5 then cooling to 18.0 mid game can make a difference of 2-3 feet on a shot.  So when CP gets a bit chillier midway through the game, remember to give your bowls a little extra push, then pull it back when the heater bursts into life!

Dick S was made to sweat on 20 in his club singles v Bernard Winter, who had a late flurry.  That final 1 shot, if you don’t get it the first time, gets harder and harder!

Good wins yesterday in the World Championships.  Mark Royal had a fantastic game against Alex Marshall and Alex wasn’t exactly playing badly.  Greg Harlow didn’t make it through even though his drawing was nigh on perfect.  Pretty galling on the first end putting 3 right on the jack then your opponent removes them in one fell swoop!  Jamie Walker played very well taking the tie 1.5:0.5.    Maybe the tide is turning and more green-shirted players are winning this year?!

Brilliant result for Jon Wilson, having reached the competition with a wild card, he then went on to take Commonwealth Games winner Jamie Chesney out in two sets.  Good luck to him in the next round, but he’ll have to wait until next Thursday before he faces Robert Paxton.

Today sees the start of the Mixed Pairs, so some cracking matches coming up with less familiar faces amongst the girls.


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  1. Jean Staples says:

    Great report Dawn ! That’s so true how the bowls are effected by the heating going off and effecting the carpet and therefore the bowl itself! I remember once playing when the entrance door was propped open during a match which certainly effected the game !!

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