How Are Your Eyes?!

How are you doing on the World Bowls?  I have pretty square eyes but it doesn’t help being on a computer at work for 9 or so hours a day and that doesn’t include watching bowls!

Thanks to Katharine Wallace for the following link.  Worth a read.

It was a very tight first set between NIck & Nicole v Stuart & Cerianne with Nick & Nicole sneaking  a 2 shot win on the final end.  However, in the second set, Stewart & Cerianne came into their own taking it comfortably.  All to play for in the tie-break with Stuart & Cerianne coming through 2-1.  It was close though!I don’t remember Cerianne from previous years.  She has quite an interesting build up to her delivery, but it works for her,  Mervyn King & Lisa Featherby and Stuart Anderson & Cerianne Glen fill the other positions in the schedule below.

Fewer games today and it’ll leave the Potters’ residents having a Saturday night off to go and do what they want!

The first match today should be ex

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