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I was looking out for the predicted pink moon last night but apparently it wasn’t visible in the UK, or in London anyway, due to the clouds.  I was hoping to get a stunning photo but it wasn’t to be!

Now on to photos, Laurence has been baking – Barbara P watch out as you have a competitive rock cake baker – and they look good enough to eat!  It’s a very conservative recipe with only four, but, hey, that’s better for the waistlines which are quite possibly expanding throughout the lockdown.

Laurence’s Rock Cakes

Mike C has been loving the time he has to put work in on his garden.  He has an affinity for Bonsai and when I joked about him cutting the grass with nail scissors, maybe I wasn’t afar off!   Tina sent over this photo of the Bonsai Apple Tree Mike has been tending.  It is only 2 feet tall.   Isn’t it fantastic?

Mike Cooper’s Bonsai Apple Tree

Meanwhile, down on the allotment – sounds like an ad for Gardeners’ World, Stella has been digging and digging.  Having now brought up all the carrots and eaten those, she has turned the ground over for the next lot of planting – onions, after spreading manure – phewee!.  She joked she needed a glass of wine last night after all that work – very well deserved, I should think!


Stella’s Allotment

From her Facebook post, Stella said there is plenty of blossom on the plum tree and the bees from the nearby hives are very active.  There were quite a few busy bees around the bushes in our communal garden this morning.  I’m trying to find out how Val F’s bees are doing and whether we shall able to buy some of her honey later on in the year.

Ange wants to know the trick of how to plant one tomato seed in a pot and not get four because they’re stuck to her fingers.  She is also growing chillies.

Ann and Archie are getting to know every path, shrub and tree in Crane Park and have put some pretty photos on their Facebook page.

Keep us updated on what you’re all doing – it’s really good to see so many things going on.  We’re expecting a re-match from Jean and Norman on garden bowls at the weekend.  Are any others with a garden having a go at a challenge?  We’re a get-up-and-go club so don’t be shy, let’s have a good share of activities!

If you don’t want to respond via this post, just send me an email and I can keep everyone up to date.


PS  Keep handwashing, keep smiling and don’t forget to phone-a-friend-a-day!

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