Vic P, Your Club & Your County Need You!

What, what, what?  You may ask.   Well here goes….

Several (ok 99.9% of us) now have some time on our hands.  So, what a great opportunity to put the little grey cells to work after the crosswords, sudokus, word searches and codewords!

Check out the link above.

Barry M now of Southport has recently qualified and I’m sure we can pick his brains if needed or send me any questions you may have and we’ll compile a list for Vic and his merry men and girls – Mandy, Jacquie E, Marie, Angela, Wanda – the list goes on.

If you want to listen to more bowls’ discussions etc, go and find the Bowls England podcasts “The Extra End”.  The first one was an interview with Tony Allcock who has just stepped down as CEO of Bowls England – some of you may have seen on the judges bench at Crufts.

This week Sian Honnor chats to Bowls England’s High Performance Director John McGuinness regarding his new role and other matters.  You need to join with an email address but it will be worth it.

(Copy and paste the above URL if the link doesn’t work properly)  You’re looking for “The Extra End”

Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be…  No, I’m not going to be anyone else but I am going to decide how to dress up my third consecutive dinner portion of Bolognese sauce.  Might be tempted to add kidney beans and a dash of chillies.  Oh, the excitement!


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