Potters – The Final Morning

Well, what an afternoon and evening yesterday.

Kevin, Scott, Carole & Ray K had a great comeback from 2-9 down to an end score of 9-10 reducing their opponents shot difference which helped our teams

Joan, Bernard, Stella & Barry claimed victory over a team who had won their previous 3 games

So, Dave P, Terry P, Ann H & Ange made it comfortably into the last 16. Mike, Tina, Laurence & Dawn scraped in at 15th place and Joan, Bernard, Stella & Barry were 17th so only missed the cut by 1 shot!

A very cruel draw saw Dave & Dawn’s teams play in the last 16.  Dawn’s team took the first end single shot and then trailed 1-6 before getting another to double their score!  The teams then battled it out with Dawn’s Four coming through by a couple of shots

In the quarter final, the opposition lost their lead (she’d gone back to her bungalow) leaving us anxiously waiting for over 5 minutes past the start time.  It was a scrappy game and none of us played our best but we managed to hang in

The semifinal was a repeat of the 2018 Final, (with one person change on the Parabowls team).  It was always going to be a tough game and we had to concentrate very hard to get shots in and around the head.  After a good weighted shot which took the Jack back, we took a 3 and then we were off, battling to get nearer that little white ball than our opponents. We were 3 up going into the last end and had a bit of a wobble but Laurence’s slightly narrow bowl pushed across so that the Jack was completely sandwiched between their 2 bowls locking it in. Mike played a pearler and landed within 3” of the shot bowls. Dawn played one to the back of the green and Stevie played a what-normally-would-have-been a fantastic shot dislodging the jacks only to send it to Laurence’s sideways bowl.  Dawn sent another bowl to the back leaving the opposition with an impossible shot. We had our bowls scattered around so that almost any shot he played, we would still be in a winning position. It was a brave attempt and, luckily for us, gave us another shot to win the match  WOW!  Delighted and dazed in equal measures!

The packing has been done and we’re heading off to breakfast before a photo shoot of the group with added Bishop Duppas (who missed yesterday’s one!)  The final is then at 9.20 am  keep your fingers crossed for us.  We’re playing a team with a young international trialist at skip!

As always, the atmosphere, the food, the entertainment, the fun and laughter has been tip-top and we are looking forward to returning in 2022.

Let’s hope the coach has found its heating for the return journey. It will be a lot more difficult to nap if it’s cold

Thanks to everyone who has joined the Cambridge Park & Friends Tourists including Dee Hardy who came with her husband for a new-week break, then found herself joining Laurie G, Sarah & Ann B for the tournament. Thanks to Laurence for organising the CP events. It has been a pleasure having so many of us together bowling and socialising after a rubbish pandemic 18 months


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