Saturday 29th April – Outdoor Roll Up

Just a heads up that France are playing our Red Roses at 1:00 pm.  Everyone should be well tucked inside the stadium by 2.00 pm when it would be good for to arrive.

Wear what you like as long as you have your bowls shoes.

If you’re venturing outdoors for the first time, the bowls won’t travel nearly as far.  Unless  you’ve been weight training for the last 6 months or even fortnight, when you won’t have a problem, the rest of wll all be playing short until we get the rhythmn of our swing going, so don’t worry.  You just have to remember that we were all new to outdoors at one stage!

Mugs of tea and alcholic beverages will be available to purchase at the end.  Jane – you might get a run on Guinness!

Anyway, looking forward to seeing as many of you who can make it tomorrow afternoon!

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