Saturday 29th – Outdoor Roll Up

Yes. We’re going outdoors this weekend!

Roy will set up the ‘bumper’ mats but we still need to avoid lobbing the bowls onto the green, dropping bowls from hip height and any other deliveries that might leave dents on the green!
The ground is still tender so we need to look after it until it begins to harden up.
thanks to Trevor for all the work he’s put in since the autumn to get the green ready.

if you’re coming on Saturday, please be there for 2:10 on so we can start at 2:30. We’re unlikely to play more than two hours as the green will be playing heavy. It’ll just be good to get going. Some of us have County matches and County competitions next week. Eek!

Alexa says it’ll be about 18c – ooh, almost shorts weather!  – and dry on Saturday. (Wet on Sunday). Met Office says dry on Saturday and Sunday and the 18c will feel like 15c!

Look forward to seeing some of you. Dress code casual.

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